From healthcare and education to food, water and emergency relief, our strong network enables us to help those in the greatest need. 

Worldwide poverty is an ongoing issue, which is why we are dedicated to providing sustainable, long-lasting solutions. With your generous support, our aid reaches the vulnerable in Africa, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Gaza, Syria, Pakistan, and more. 


Education And Orphan Sponsorship

Every child deserves an education. Since 1983, we have continuously strived to create a new range of opportunities to enable children across the world to go to school.


Water And Sanitation

The difference between clean and dirty water has the potential to save a life. The number of deaths caused by diarrheal diseases can be reduced by an average of 65% when water, hygiene and sanitation issues are addressed.


Food Aid

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust assists 200,000 individuals in approximately 11 countries every year by supplying essential food packages to those in need. As well as supporting those suffering after an emergency, we work directly with communities to boost their nutrition intake and develop resilience.


Honour The Elderly

In Pakistan, we have a home for the elderly called ‘Aasheana’. This is where we take care of those who have left their own homes or have been ignored by their own children. 


Winter Appeal

Millions of vulnerable refugees and impoverished people around the world are at high risk when the freezing winter weather arrives. Without proper shelter, warm clothing, and food, the harsh conditions may prove too much to bear.


Disaster And Emergency Relief

We all deserve the right to enjoy a life free from danger and fear. However, when disasters, emergencies or conflicts occur, our team are one of the first organisations to respond. We deliver essential humanitarian support to those who are suffering, doing what we can to save and improve lives and protect the most vulnerable.



Our team is working with our partners in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon in order to provide support to the most vulnerable Syrian refugees. 



We are actively working to distribute much-needed aid to the residents of Gaza who are struggling to access even the most basic supplies. 



In recent history, the island nation of Indonesia has suffered through countless mid to major scale natural disasters. We are working to help these people rebuild and recover from the relentless disasters, providing a lifeline in their time of greatest need.



In 2019, severe flooding led to more than 50 villages in rural Pakistan being submerged. Homes have been lost, crops destroyed, and lives turned upside down overnight.



The people of Yemen are currently living through one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent history. Extreme poverty, disease, and malnutrition are making each day a struggle for survival.


Free Cataract Surgeries

The goal for our free cataract surgeries campaign is to perform 100,000 cataract surgeries in 8 countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Somalia, Gambia, Kenya, Sudan and Palestine.


Cleft Lip Surgery

Across the world, more than one million children suffer from untreated clefts. In comparison to their peers, those who suffer from cleft lips and palates are less likely to go to school, get married or keep a job.