Useful Vietnamese Phrases for Travellers

Useful Vietnamese Phrases for Travellers

Check out our essential Vietnamese words and phrases perfect if you want to grasp the basics of the language and are going to be travelling in Vietnam.

It is impossible to learn the whole Vietnamese language in a short period but we highly recommend learning some of the more important words and phrases before departing. This will help when booking / buying things and also interacting with local people and make a trip or gap year in Vietnam more fun.

Learning some of the language is recommended which will help you be polite and interact with local people. By learning to speak just a few basic words and phrases in Vietnamese you will be able to converse with native speakers and make the whole experience of travelling in Vietnam easier. If you would like to grasp more than just the basics then you might want to search Vietnamese language schools in Vietnam.



  • Hello - Chao
  • Goodbye - Tạm biệt



  • Thank you - Cam on
  • Welcome - Khong co chi
  • Sorry - Xin lỗi
  • No problem - Không sao



  • What's your name - Ban ten gi
  • My name is... - Toi la 
  • I don’t speak Vietnamese - Toi khong noi tieng Viet
  • Do you speak English? - Ban co noi tieng Anh khong?
  • Yes - Ko
  • No - Khong



  • How much is it?- Bao nhieu tien?
  • Expensive - Mac qua
  • How much is it?- Bao nhieu tien?
  • Expensive - Mac qua


Food & Drink

  • I'm hungry - Tôi đói (bụng)
  • I'm thirsty - Tôi khát nước
  • I'd like to eat - Toi muon an 
  • I'd like to drink - Toi muon uong
  • Good - Tot 
  • Bad - Khong tot 
  • Coffee - Ca phe 
  • Tea - Tra 



  • Can you help me? - Ban giup toi duoc khong?
  • Station - Ga
  • Bus Station - Trạm Xe Buýt
  • Train Station - Ga Xe Lửa
  • Airport - Sân Bay
  • Hotel - Khach San



  • Car - Xe Hơi/ Xe ô tô
  • Taxi - Taxi
  • Motorbike - Xe Máy
  • Motorbike Taxi - Xe Ôm
  • Bicycle - Xe Đạp
  • Bus - Xe Buýt
  • Train - Tau / Xe Lửa (old)
  • Boat - Thuyền
  • Aeroplane - Máy Bay



  • Excuse me - Xin Lỗi
  • Help me - Gíup tôi với


Days of the Week

  • Monday - Thứ hai 
  • Tuesday- Thứ ba 
  • Wednesday - Thứ tư 
  • Thursday - Thứ năm 
  • Friday - Thứ sáu 
  • Saturday - Thứ bảy 
  • Sunday - Chủ nhật



  • 0 - Không
  • 1 - Một
  • 2 - Hai
  • 3 - Ba
  • 4 - Bốn 
  • 5 - Năm
  • 6 - Sáu
  • 7 - Bảy
  • 8 - Tám 
  • 9 - Chín 
  • 10 - Mười 
  • 20 - Hai mươi 
  • 30 - Ba mươi 
  • 40 - Bốn mươi 
  • 50 - Năm mươi 
  • 60 - Sáu mươi 
  • 70 - Bảy mươi 
  • 80 - Tám mươi 
  • 90 - Chín mươi 
  • 100 - Trăm 


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