Aizdzire Manor

Aizdzire Manor (Latvian Aizdzires Muiža) is a collection of buildings, ruins, and a park that once formed the core of the Aizdzire estate. It is located close to the city of Kandava in the beautiful countryside in Latvia surrounded by nature. 

Aizdzire Manor is part of a valuable cultural and historical heritage – one which we want to conserve and step by step fill with new life. As “the journey is just as important as the goal”, we aim to offer a fun educational and (inter)cultural experience to all project participants already during the reconstruction phase.



Aizdzire Manor is an ensemble of buildings, ruins, and a park, that once formed the core of the Aizdzire estate. Over the past decades, the estate has been exposed to decay and destruction, and the park has become a wilderness. The estate is a valuable piece of cultural heritage – one that we want to conserve and step by step fill with new life!

2017 is the first volunteering season on Aizdzire Manor. We grow together with our tasks, and keep learning alltogether. Therefore, be prepared to experience the charme of the imperfect or to encounter improvised solutions here and there.

We prefer not to distinguish between„ the organizational team“ and, the volunteers“. Of course a project requires preparation and control. But we understand the project as being a plattform, where everybody can contribute with what he or she has to offer. This can be ideas for the optimization of processes, participation in organizational tasks or heading a certain area of expertise. And particularlly regarding the core area of our engagement, the construction issues, expertise needs to be integrated into the team.


Volunteering Activities

Camp participants will be doing a variety of cleaning and maintenance activities in the park and around the buildings and ruins. A program of excursions, lectures, and leisure activities will make the volunteers’ stay not only fun but also a valuable experience.

The camps are directed at volunteers aged 18 to 26. The group will be accommodated in and around a historical building of moderate size but rustic charm that has recently been renovated and equipped with modern standard such as kitchen and bathroom. Food will be prepared within the group (you are welcome to bring a recipe typical for your home country).

The group activities and social gatherings is an important part of the whole project. Learn the cultural heritage of the Nothern Europe!

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Aizdzire Manor Reviews

Helping to recover the Aizdzire manor

Great opportunity for volunteers all over the globe

By: Rozite
Nationality: latvian
Age: 21

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