TEFL Courses in Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain and it is a great city to take a TEFL course. There are lots of museums, cultural spots, plazas, parks, restraurants, cafes and nightlife. There is a population of around 3,200,000 people who live in Madrid which makes it the most populated city in Spain. You can book a TEFL cartification course in Madrid through our website and then look forward the enjoying all the highlights on offer. View our guide to taking a TEFL course in Madrid including recommended courses, companies and reviews.


TEFL Courses in Madrid

Guide to Getting TEFL Certified in Madrid

Madrid is one of the main touristic cities; as it's the capital of Spain. Madrid as a wide cultural and leisure offer. If you would like to gain a TEFL qualification in Madrid our guide will help you arrange the experience! Madrid is one of the most popular cities to take a TEFL course in Spain and we highly recommended studying here. International TEFL certifications in Madrid acredites any person who takes it to teach English worldwide. Some certificates are recognized by the College of Teachers in London. Taking this course will almost guarantee you a job placement in Madrid, one of the most beautiful European capitals; therefore, this could be the perfect oppotunity to live abroad and discover a new culture.



Types of Courses Available

There are a range of options available for beginners and more advanced abilities. You can immerse yourself in a weekend, 4 week TEFL course or more advance certification. You will be trained to teach real students while you experience a world class city.



When to take a Course & Duration

There are courses available to join every month. Most TEFL certificates last 4 weeks along the year, in which the students will acquire the needed knowledge to teach English as a foreign language. Hence, the course is divided in different areas: theory class, TEFL young learners practice class, TEFL business practice class, TEFL observed teaching and practice teaching, and TEFL internship teaching. And the job placement is guaranteed! 



What you Get

  • World class training
  • Internationally Recognized and Accredited Certification
  • Housing assistance during course.
  • Job Guidance and Contacts Worldwide.
  • Free WIFI /Internet Access.
  • Organised excursions and activities

TEFL schools usually organize visits to the most important places of the city, in order to make the integration in Spain easier to its TEFLees. In addition, Canterbury also plans trips to other Spanish cities, for instance: Segovia; as well as, several activities like Flamenco Dance Night, which help the students to get involved in the Spanish life style and get a better understanding of the Spanish culture. What's more, some schools also offer Spanish lessons in Spain for students who are wanting to learn a new language overseas.



What are TEFL Classes Like

Classes are held from Monday-Friday, usually 9-6 but some classes are held at weekends. You will get lots of free time to relax and enjoy the local culture on the weekends.



Language Requirements

You do not need to know Spanish to take a TEFL course in Madrid, all courses are in English with experienced teachers. You might want to combine experience and book a Spanish course in Madrid.



How to Book 

Search our featured TEFL courses in Madrid above and book a place today. 



Recommend Companies to take a TEFL Course in Madrid

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Madrid TEFL Course Reviews

Have you ever taken a TEFL course in Madrid? Contact us today to share your review of a school or course.

Past student testimonials...

“I would highly recommend taking a TEFL course in Madrid, this city is amazing!"
Michelle E, New York, USA

“Although no TEFL course provider can guarantee a job teaching in Spain at the end of a course, it’s pretty much going to happen due to their links with language schools.”
Alex M, Glasgow, Scotland


Various Past TEFL Graduates from Canterbury TEFL in Madrid share their experiences below:

Teaching may seem like a mundane 9 -5 job, but with all the opportunities being given to teachers these days, it doesn’t have to be. Teaching in another country is exciting and refreshing. For me it was always just a passing thought, but once I found the Canterbury Academy online and found out that it was located in the heart of truly one of the most beautiful and eventful cities in the world, Madrid, I could not resist. Like many of you, I had my doubts and fears and found myself drastically researching and reading anything I could get my hands on about the academy. It wasn’t until I found the testimonial page that my fears were put to rest. The testimonials posted online are all true! That is also why I wanted to write one as well. Moving to another country, especially alone, can be extremely frightening and overwhelming. It can be difficult to gauge what you are doing right or wrong and what is safe and what isn’t.

During my first week in Madrid the Academy offered an orientation in order to meet the staff and any students you may be taking the TEFL course with. The city alone makes you feel at home instantly and along with that, in just that one meeting, our Professor John Bouse immediately made me feel safe in the city by giving me a quick run down of the do’s and don’t’s and offered to help in any way he could.

I am an Ontario Teachers College graduate from Canada as well as a Biology undergraduate student, and I can easily say that this one month course pushed me more than any of my previous courses have. It pushed me academically, but most importantly when it comes to going on an adventure it pushed me beyond my comfort zone and I am thankful for it.  Teaching English always sounded like a walk in the park, but from day one I realized that this course and this whole experience overall is going to make me tap into new abilities that I have not used yet in my life or that I was not aware I even had.

This experience was nothing but rewarding. As a biology teacher, teaching English did not seem like it was going to be to interesting for me but I ended up loving it. Teaching English is definitely challenging but the staff makes it extremely enjoyable. Once you are done the course you are sent out to teach private lessons. I was given 4 different families and I can tell you that each family made my experience that much more enjoyable. The people in Spain are so welcoming and pleasant and welcome you as one of their own. I was treated with so much love from each family and it broke my heart to leave when I did. Until this day I wish I could still be there teaching the children I had. I definitely plan on making my way back because the Academy and the city have definitely left a long lasting impression and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It has definitely helped me to become closer to realizing who I am as a teacher and especially as a person. This experience will be multidimensional for you, I promise!

Vanessa Wiazowski, December 17, 2014


There are not many things in life that are more stressful than moving to a new country and looking for a way to make a living when you get there. I had searched for months for work and a legitimate way to live in Spain, but I kept running into dead ends. Then, I happened upon Canterbury’s website. I was skeptical at first; it seemed too good to be true. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome though. Everything that was stated on their website is true. The people at Canterbury made this process very easy for me. After being denied so many times and jumping through some hoops, it was nice to find a group of people that followed through on what they said they were going to do. They were quick when responding to my emails and sending me all of the information that I requested to complete my visa process.

The professionalism did not stop there though. When I arrived in Madrid for my orientation they had information on apartments, banks, cell phones, and other things that anyone moving would need help with. The TEFL course is well taught and gives you the exact skills you need to successfully teach English. I am not a teacher by profession so I was very unsure how all this was going to play out. Canterbury has followed through on providing teaching hours, materials, and a good working environment. Now I am now making enough money to truly enjoy my time here in Spain. You have the flexibility to decide what classes you want to teach or not teach, which allows you to customize your schedule and how you spend your time abroad. I highly recommend Canterbury Consulting Spain to anyone interested in a very straight forward way to travel and work abroad. Teaching is something that I never knew I would enjoy, but thanks to Canterbury I do, and now I am certified to teach TEFL almost anywhere I want.

Jason Shelley, TEFL Class of October, 2013


The Canterbury Madrid summer (June) course was a memorable one. This course gives you the best of both worlds, the class and then the experience. It is a two week course, approx. 8 hour days of classes. This may seem a long time but after these two weeks you are given the opportunity to receive your teaching experience at summer camps in Spain.

During the two weeks you are taught the entire curriculum that will help you write lesson plans and then teach in a classroom. I felt 100% prepared to teach after two weeks. We worked hard and learned a lot! My professor, John Bouse will always be someone to remember. He is very inspirational and approachable person. He wants to make sure you have your best experience and become the teacher you want to be. I was very impressed with the everyday schedule of the class, steady breaks and movement within the class. You are able to interact with people you have never met in a foreign place. There is nothing more life changing than taking yourself outside of your comfort zone. Not only meeting new people, but also interacting with people of a different language. The class was well organized and we were given hand outs that I still use when I tutor here in the United States.

At Canterbury you are welcomed kindly and any questions you have are answered right away. After the two week classes are complete Canterbury places you in different camps which best fits you. After two weeks I moved to Barcelona with four other English teachers. We started our new journey at a summer camp, 40 minutes outside of the city in the beautiful mountains. The first two weeks you are training or student teaching. You are given this time period to get comfortable before the camp starts. You prepare for your classes, students and write two weeks worth of lesson plans to hand in for the completion of the course.

Margaret Infantino, TEFL Class of June, 2013


My name is Megan Dorris and in June and July of 2012, I participated in the Canterbury TEFL course and worked at the Canterbury English Adventures Camp. I arrived at the beginning of June and studied for two weeks in Madrid. Our class was in the city center and I was easily able to find a hostel nearby to stay in for the duration of the course. Each day our classes started around 9 and ended at about 4 with a short break for lunch in the middle. My classes in the morning focused specifically on teaching English to children, while in the afternoon, we learned more about working with adults and teaching higher levels of English. We learned games to play with children, as well as simple grammar tips and tricks that could be used to teach adults. I also learned an amazing amount from my teachers about how to engage my students while maintaining control and command of the class at all times. Even as a native English speaker, I was able to learn a great deal about teaching sentence structure, parts of speech, and verb conjugation.

In class, I met other students from all over the United States, Canada, and the UK that were also enrolled in the courseand I explored the city with them each afternoon. Even with our busy class schedule, I still had plenty of time to see the sights in Madrid and enjoy my time in the city. The first two weeks of the class went by quickly and we soon moved on to the second stage of the course. During the second half of June, I was placed in a camp for training. I worked about an hour outside of Madrid at a multi-adventure summer camp for kids. There, we were able to see a Spanish camp in action. We learned how activities were run, the role of the counselors, various camp games and activities, and what it was like to work with Spanish children. After two weeks of training, we were ready to begin working at English Adventures.

Working with Canterbury through both the TEFL course and the English Adventures summer camp was an incredible experience that led not only to a TEFL certificate and a fun summer job, but also helped me make the decision to live in Madrid for the rest of the year. I have now returned to Spain for another year of teaching and couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Megan Dorris, TEFL Class of June, 2012



Madrid TEFL Certification Courses

Getting to Madrid

Madrid is connection to a number of Euopean and worldwide airports, several low cost companies offer flights - book ahead for the best deals.




Getting from the airport to Madrid city centre is very easy, if you have a large budget you can take a taxi from the offical rank outside or just jump on the metro which is a 5 minute walk through the airport. From the airport metro you will jump on the pink line which will take you to the city centre in around 20 minutes. A single ride costs 4.90euros which includes the 3euro airport metro fee. If you are staying more than a couple of days you might want to buy the 10 ticket package which will work out a lot cheaper. We recommend allowing lots of time for arriving at the airport before you depart Madrid, some of the terminals are quite far from the metro exit and it can take a while to get to the departure area. Getting around Madrid is very easy, the city centre is fairly small so you can walk but there is also a reliable and quick metro and bus system.




Some TEFL academies offer housing the price of a course but sometimes you can also book this independently. Accommodation can be quit expensive in Madrid so booking in advance is important to get the best deals possible. You have the choice of literally hundreds of accommodation from budget hostels to luxury hotels. A lot of the hotels in Madrid are called Hostals but don't be put off by this name, the facilities are usually top class and are like hotels. If you are looking for a central location try to stay around Sol or Calle both are very centrally located and all the major tourist sights are within walkable distance. A private room in a hotel or hostal usually costs around 20euros upwards whilst a dorm bed will cost around 10-20 euros. If you stay further outside of the centre of Madrid you will pay less but might have to pay daily to use the metro system.



Food & Drink

Prices for food and drink at restaurants can be high and you will also be expected to tip. There are good deals to be had though, wonder around and you will find resturants which offer all you can eat buffets for around 5-10 euros. There are also numerous fast food outlets around the city and you could even stop by one of the supermarkets to by fresh food. Lots of bars have special offers on beer and drinks during happy hour otherwise you can expect to pay around 4-7 euros for a drink.



Top Things to See and Do in Madrid in Your Spare Time

  • Plaza Major which is one of the most impressive squares in Europe where there are cafes, restaurants, shops and also statues.
  • Sol Square, this is located in the centre of Madrid and is where you will find a famous bear statue, lots of shops and also lots of street performers. We recommend buying a drink and then relaxing by sitting next to the central fountain and watching the world go by.
  • San Ginés Chocalateria, you will find this hidden off one of the main shopping streets in Madrid and you will be able to eat some tasty churitos and chocolate treats. This Chocolateria is where lots of famous celebrities visit and on the walls you will see pictures of some of the people who have eaten here which include Penelopy Cruz, Carlos Puyol, Jimmy Carter, Naomi Cambell, Pele and Maradona just to name a few. The churitos and chocolate are very cheap at 3 euros.
  • We highly recommend going to watch a live sporting event in Madrid, this city is famous for football and there are two teams you can watch which include Real Madrid and Athletic Madrid. Both have large stadium capacities and ticket prices vary, for the big games you might struggle to get tickets but for other fixtures you can bu in advance or on the day.
  • Relax in the Botanical Garden, Madrid has lots of green spaces and gardens located to the East and West of the city and you might want to visit the Botanical Garden located about 10 minutes walk from Sol and located next to the Museum. This is a very relaxing and peaceful way to see a different side to Madrid.
  • Join a walking tour of Madrid, you can book these in advance or turn up on the day and be led around the city by an experienced guide who will be able to tell you more about the history of the city and also show you places off the beaten track.



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