... that aims at equipping children, particul, early those living in the midst of poverty, disease and conflict, with skills in sports, viz atheletics, basketball, hockey ad swimming; and enhance the ICT literacy and education of underprivileged youth. ACI is a legally registered NGO under the Republic of Ghana with the company code G-25, 798.

Sport is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. It can be a significant socio-economic force by providing livelihoods and contributing to development. It also has a likely attractio for volunteerism. its training requires players to attend school, especially those who wish to play the sport professionally. It can give the street child an opportunity to develop self competence and esteem. This is will make them spend less time in sedentary pursuits such as voilence, crime and other social vices

At Africa Change International, it is our beleif that holistic training is necessary for children to succeed. For example, sports will help them get scholarship into higher education, but they will also need to know how to use computers to be successful in higher education.

To be a leading youth-led civil society in Africa aimed at eradicating extreme poverty by way of promoting sports developments and technology as a means to rescue deprived children from the doldrums of poverty, hunger, conflicts, and health-related problems.
Mission Statement

Our mission shall be to offer deprived children in Ghana and elsewhere in Africa, the opportunity to develop thier talents and employable skills in sports, viz athletics, basketball, hockey and swimming; and information technology so that they can become economically sound and lead meaningful lives.

We are Africa Change International an NGO based in Ghana, which aims at helping less or underprivileged children in Africa and Ghana, get basic training in Sports and ICT to enhance their potential and prepare them for a brighter future. We chose this because we realized that, ICT is one of the fastest growing lines of communication in the Global World, but children in Africa do not have access to this facility. For this reason, we at Africa Change International have taken it upon ourselves, to give these children free training in Sports and ICT.

Sports has also become an activity where children can gain confidence and also learn the ability to think fast, sports can also give the young child hope of gaining an economic livelihood. This is why we have decided to give them this renewed hope that is spreading across the globe. By far, we have been able to open an ICT center to aid in the training of children in ICT, we have also recruited 26 less privileged kids between the ages of 9-11 for our sports programme.

We are also in partnership with a school, to teach and get the children ready for their Basic Education Certificate Examination through the help of volunteers.

Our main target is to give this opportunity to every child in Ghana and if possible the whole of Africa.