Our association is specialized in au pair placements abroad. We help French families who wish to host an au pair, as well as young French people who hope to do a placement or go abroad.

AFJ offers an extensive range of different programmes – from language immersion and language courses, to working and travelling and volunteering abroad.


Why choose AFJ ?

  • AFJ has more than 30 years of experience in organising au pair and language placements
  • AFJ is a family business with strong values: fair exchange, listening and closeness
  • AFJ is a founding member of the Union Française des Agences Au Pair (UFAAP) the International Au Pair Association (IAPA)
  • AFJ works with a network of reliable professionals all over the world
  • AFJ and its team are available every day of the week. We personally prepare, inform and monitor all of our candidates and families, even after the placement (in France and abroad)
  • AFJ helps young students to choose the programme which is most suited to their needs
  • AFJ helps students with all the administration and paperwork


Discover all our programmes: 

Au Pair Placements

The Au Pair programme which AFJ offers enables young people to go abroad in order to live completely immersed in a host family’s way of life. This type of placement enables young people to discover a new country, to study and perfect a language all while getting paid. The host family ensures that everything is put in place so that the au pair feels at home and like part of the family, in exchange the au pair helps to look after the children. The programme is mainly for people under the age of 27, who are responsible and have previous experience working with children. AFJ offers numerous destinations (Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia), only Australia and New Zealand are open to male au pair applicants. 


Demi-Pair Placements

AFJ offers young candidates the chance to go abroad and combine an English course with a linguistic immersion in a host family. A demi-pair placement consists of 15-20 hours of au pair work per week in a host family, for free in exchange for board and lodging. The candidate also has the chance to a take a language course OR to work in order to perfection their English. AFJ offers demi-pair placements in Australia, England (Manchester) and Ireland (Dublin). 


Tutoring Programme

A new fun type of cultural exchange for the whole family! This programme is for French host families who would like to speak English every day. The teaching volunteers become part of the family- for 1 to 3 months – and offer up to 15 hours of English conversation to the whole family, adults and children. The tutors are usually university students and are around 24 years old. 


Work and travel - jobs abroad

Through our Work and Travel programe, AFJ offers young people the chance to work abroad  in order to help them gain enriching and important experience abroad – usually in an English-speaking country. This experience looks great on your CV and is also an effective way to perfect your English. Work on a farm in Australia or New Zealand, or in hospitality/catering in England, we have many different opportunities. 


Language Courses

AFJ is in partnership with several accredited language schools and organises language trips which enable French students to take intensive English classes in order to improve their level. It’s possible to opt for an English course, an English course + a job in hospitality or an English course + an internship. There are lots of options to suit your needs and your budget, with the possibility to stay in a host family or in a residence.


Volunteer Abroad

AFJ offers a volunteering programme in Souh Africa. Choose from around 30 projects to help South African communities. Whether it be helping children, the elderly or wild animals, help to make a difference by dedicating your time and energy to those in need.