We have been organising French language courses in France for more than 30 years. More than 100,000 adults, teens and kids representing some 45 nationalities have placed their trust in the Centre since 1985.

We offer French lessons for parents (optional), French or English lessons and activities for their children, common accommodation in our residence for all family members!

Only one family member needs to take a French course in order for the whole family to enjoy the shared accommodation in one of our residences.

Program Highlights

  • Our Parent and Child programme is designed to offer a language programme and French lessons that meet the needs and expectations of the whole family!
  • Children and parents meet up again after class. They have lunch together in the adult school and enjoy high-quality accommodation in one of our student residences.
  • Our Parent and Child programme can be adapted to meet the expectations of each individual family: you can enjoy this programme even if only one family member is taking lessons