Adonai Child Rehabilitation (ACR)

ACR is a local non-profit organization that serves for the orphans, unwanted children, street children and all types of children who are most vulnerable. ACR is all inclusive for every religion, tribes, genders and backgrounds.

We aim to devope the orphans through education as many orphans are not in school and they are struggling for their lives. Therefore ACR create a shelter for them and help them in all areas like feeding, sending them school, providing them health care and help them creating access of a better future.

There are 7 staffs who full committed for the service of the orphans. ACR is registered to the government and our main focus is orphan's development. We provide food, shelter, clothings, stationeries for school supply, we help their medical care and sending them to public school. Beside of their school, we teach them extra tuition at the hostel.

At present they are 9 orphans, 4 boys and 5 girls, but in April, another 3 orphans will be accepted, so totally they will be 12 numbers. At present we struggle a lot because we do not have funders for their daily food cost and medication. Here in Myanmar, medication is very costly. We could not admit them to hospital when they get sick. Three orphans are affected with TB and we struggle for that, we give them 9 months medication and now they are recovered.

ACR seeks for partners and donors who has a heart for orphans. We appreciate everyone who may interest in partnering with us. We also appreciate for volunteer English teachers who may visit and teach basci English to our ACR orpans.

We are so much thankful to you for your heart for the orphans.

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