Volunteer with Tigers

Help worldwide tiger conservation efforts by signing up to volunteer to help these creatures. Shockingly tigers have lost over 90% of the species and today there are roughly only around 3,000 left in the wild. Within a few years, the numbers will fall so low that they will pass the point of no return. There are though lots of organisatons trying to help and you play a small role through volunteering.


Volunteer Programs with Tigers in Africa & Asia

Location of Projects

Places you can volunteer to help tigers include Africa and Asia. Popular destinations include going to volunteer include South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia and India.


How You Can Help

Experience the spectacular vistas of countries like South Africa and make a real and worthy contribution to wildlife conservation, game reserve management and community initiatives in this excellent project on a renowned game reserve hosting Africa’s Big 5. This wonderful wildlife project gives volunteers the opportunity to experience the spectacular vistas of the Eastern Cape and make a real contribution to the wildlife conservation, game reserve management and community initiatives in a renowned game reserve hosting Africa’s Big 5. 

Volunteers work alongside experts in game reserve management and conservation where they will become involved in all of the conservation related projects on the reserve and will learn conservation and bush skills.  Data collected as part of the volunteers work will be used by the reserve managers to plan for future provision and conservation management. Volunteers can also work closely with big cats at the predator centre including white lions, cheetah, tigers and wild dogs and also at the new elephant sanctuary and care for sick and injured animals in the rehabilitation centre.

The project houses a huge variety of wildlife. There may be the opportunity to participate in the active release programme into various game reserves. Volunteers will have the opportunity to assist with the tracking, monitoring and occasionally relocation of wildlife within the reserve. For example, the lions that arrive in the centre have been abused, orphaned or injured and the aim is to heal them and re-release them into the wild. The project also rehabilitates tigers, although as not indigenous to South Africa, the tigeer offspring are translocated to their natural habitat such as China and Bangladesh. There will also be chances to get up close and personal with the elephants living in the new elephant sanctuary, including help with their training. The experienced guides can offer invaluable insights into the behaviour and interactions of the wildlife.

The project also runs a community outreach programme. Volunteers assist at a local farm giving food to local communities prepared by the project’s chefs to the local community.


Volunteer Activities Include

  • area conservation (e.g. rehabilitation of eroded and other area, raising of trees for re-establishment on the Reserve, vegetation management, eradication of alien plants)
  • caring for the orphaned animals
  • assisting in elephant training
  • assisting in game captures
  • feeding of predators
  • game counts
  • accompanying the rangers on game drives
  • fence patrol and maintenance
  • fire management initiatives (seasonally dependent)
  • interacting with guests
  • participation in community outreach programme



Volunteers usually stay on game reserve in one of the two volunteer lodges with shared, single sex, bedrooms and bathroom. Both have kitchens, lounges with dining areas, fireplaces and entertainment areas with a television, DVD players and pool tables.  There are good sporting facilities such as tennis courts and a cricket field and swimming pool. There is internet access in the main building at a nominal fee. All meals are provided.



Duration and fees can vary, what is generally included:

  • Airport transfers 
  • Orientation programme 
  • Food and accommodation on the Reserve (not on weekend excursions) 
  • Assistance and support from project staff 
  • In-country assistance


Donate to Help

If you have an interest and would like to help but not participate on a volunteer program overseas there are global campaigns like TigerTime which aim to save the wild tiger, this organisation is backed by the highly respected and much loved British wildlife artist and conservationist David Shepherd CBE and was launched on his 80th birthday in April 2011. You can help awareness or donate online.


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