ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D'AMORE cordially invites you to participate in a unique study vacation in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. Learn Spanish in Costa Rica with us!

With a half a billion speakers in over twenty countries, Spanish is one of the principal languages of the world. ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D'AMORE is a quality educational institution created to facilitate the learning of Spanish, at Manuel Antonio, Quepos, one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. We incorporate the Total Spanish Immersion process of education to ensure the most efficient learning experience possible.

Our student body is widely varied. With an average age of 29, the "typical student" can be anyone from a college student, to a business professional, to the doctor, lawyer or retiree who appreciates life and the need to never stop learning.

At only 30 minutes by plane from San Jose, Costa Rica, ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D'AMORE is located in the pacific coast town of Manuel Antonio just southwest of Quepos. Manuel Antonio is simply described as a tropical paradise. Its sandy white beaches and high cliffs are situated in a vibrant rain forest full of extraordinary flora and fauna, and surrounded by an endless blue sea. It is home to over 100 species of mammals and 184 species of exotic birds. Marine life is abundant in the Manuel Antonio National Park and its 12 surrounding islands. Back on land, Howler monkeys cry mournfully as locals relax in the shade of the almond and coconut palms.

We relish the opportunity to live and work in this pristine environment. We also recognize the fragility of this paradise. As such, by enrolling in the center you will collaborate in the preservation of the world's rainforests. ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D'AMORE will donate a percentage of your tuition, on your behalf, to the World Wildlife Fund.

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