Useful Spanish Words & Phrases for Travellers

Useful Spanish Words & Phrases for Travellers

Spanish is the fourth widest spoken language in the world, why not try to learn Spanish phrases starting with some basic words and phrases. If you are planning a trip to Spain learning some basic Spanish phrases will really help you interact with local people and make your experience more enjoyable. We have put together a list of essential Spanish words and phrases for tourists, some are easy to pick up whilst others you might need to practise.

Spanish is spoken throughout Spain and Latin America you can have a more enjoyable travel experience if you can master a few conversational words and phrases. Also you might be suprised to learn a lot of local people might not be able to speak or understand English. 

Here are our top Spanish words and phrases which you might want to write down as they will come in handy for a trip or holiday to Spain...



  • Hello - Hola
  • Good morning - Buenos días
  • Good afternoon - Buenas tardes
  • Good evening - Buenas noches
  • See you - Nos vemos
  • See you later - Hasta luego


Basic Spanish Words and Phrases

  • Yes - Sí
  • No - No
  • Please - Por favor
  • Thanks - Gracias
  • Thanks very much - Muchas gracias
  • You're welcome - De nada
  • I understand - Comprendo
  • I don't understand - no comprendo
  • I'm sorry - Lo Siento


Communicating With Locals

  • Do you speak Spanish? - Habla usted Español?
  • I don't speak Spanish - No hablo español
  • I don't speak much Spanish - No hablo mucho Español
  • Speak more slowly please - Hable más despacio, por favor



  • One - uno
  • Two - dos
  • Three - tres
  • Four - cuarto
  • Five - cinco
  • Six - seis
  • Seven - siete
  • Eight - ocho
  • Nine - nueve
  • Ten - diez


Days Of The Week

  • Monday - Lunes
  • Tuesday - Martes
  • Wednesday - Miércoles
  • Thursday - Jueves
  • Friday - Viernes
  • Saturday - Sábado
  • Sunday - Domingo


Hopefully our useful Spanish words and phases will be a good starting point to help you interact and chat with local people and make your experience more enjoyable and fun. If you would like to do more, search: 

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