ABC Spanish Tuition and Homestay

Learn and study Spanish staying with the teacher's family La Paz, Bolivia.

We Offer:

  • Intensive Lessons
  • Family Homestay
  • Online Lessons
  • Outdoor Practice
  • Volunteering
  • Packages

ABC Spanish Tuition is a private Spanish School that has been teaching this language for 20 years. All travellers who wish to take an immersion course, short or long term Spanish lessons or just want to continue their Spanish studies will be very welcome.

We'll be willing to give you a hand with this language anytime you need help, either only with Spanish lessons, translating or proof reading a document or interpreting a conversation with locals. Even, when you just need language assistance to get a report from the police or claim for your card in a bank; here you will find a friendly hand for all of that.

Regarding the style for teaching, it will be very versatile, completely flexible and will be focused on different situations that the student may need to confront in his or her travellings, and mailnly based on linguistic differences, especially compared to English language.

Any traveller from around the world who is able to speak some English and to use this language in basic or more advanced standards, should use it as a mean for learning Spanish more effectively. Nevertheless, for people who speak French as a mother tongue, the teacher will have no problem at all to speak their language when explaining the Spanish Grammar.

Every student should meet their needs for the language after they sign up with ABC Spanish Tuition and then all their expectations should be achieved with effort, motivation and enthusiasm. Just feel at ease when choosing the schedules for the lessons and selecting the family best suits you for homestay.

Trust us and feel sure that you will really get what you want. Because one of our goals is to make you feel self- confident, when speaking in Spanish.

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