One of the most popular ways for British students to celebrate the end of exams is to book a party holiday abroad, to somewhere hot and exotic. Ibiza, Zante, and Ayia Napa are some of the top destinations for letting your hair down over summer, yet Magaluf seems to be the most notorious for its wild parties, and crazy stories of Brits abroad.

The idea of these types of holidays can be very appealing, but sometimes the consequences of not being a responsible tourist can have harsh consequences.

Here Gemma Teal shares one recently experience which has been highlighted by the national media and why it might make you think twice before binge drinking and not respecting local cultures.


British Tourists Charged £125,000 for Hotel Damage

Recently, four young British tourists travelled to Magaluf for a week of soaking up the sun and partying. One night, after a long day of drinking, a member of the group decided to take a sleep before going back out again to the strip later in the evening.

His friends thought that it would be funny to pull a prank on him whilst sleeping, however he wasn’t the only one that was provided with a shock. The two guys sprayed some aerosol around his feet and tried to give him a very nasty fright by sparking them up with a lighter!

However, they didn’t just spark his feet, they turned the whole hotel into a massive blaze as the aerosol caused the fire to explode and rapidly spread throughout.

Two floors of the hotel had to be evacuated and seven tourists became trapped on balconies, resulting in them having to be rescued by firefighters, after the fire broke out around 8pm on the Sunday.

Fortunately, no one was badly injured by the blaze, yet the damage incurred has cost the two tourists £125,000 and they could also have two pay up to £75,000 extra for repair work, as two rooms were destroyed and the operation to put the fire out lasted for over an hour.

Although it was a silly drunken mistake, the tourists are now facing court and most likely will end up with a prison sentence. Not only has this severely affected their own lives, but it has framed British tourists in a very poor light as it portrays the idea that we are both reckless and disrespectful.


Be a Responsible Tourist

Party holidays are all the rage; they are fun and fashionable, giving you a chance to truly let loose away from your parents, but they can also end up being disastrous if you take the silliness too far.

So, if you are jetting off this summer to one of the well-known party destinations, please do try to manage your drink more carefully as being too out of control can really have serious implications for not only yourself but the others around you, as exemplified by the boys’ case in Magaluf.

Also, if you do have any funny or mad ideas about pulling a prank on someone when you have had a few to drink, first think about how bad the consequences could end up being and then decide not to carry them out!


Things to Consider Before Departing

There are lots of things you can do in Magaluf which doesn't involve drinking. There are some of the most incredible beaches in Spain, restaurants and beauty spots to check out. Be sure to pack light clothing and also lots of sunscreen as the sun is very itnense during summer.

You should also be aware of new laws brought into Magaluf to curb the level of violence and anti social behavior which might catch you unaware. For example new legislation has made is illegal to drink on the streets and you can be fined £500 if caught.

For more advice on how to stay safe abroad, check out the Foreign Office’s Travel Aware page, which covers everything you need to know prior to and during your time away.


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