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Summer Jobs in Zante

Beaches, international mix of people, boat cruises, amazing nightlife, world class clubs and djs - there are so many reasons you might want to work in Zante. You can mix working, with partying and also relaxing on some of the best beaches in the whole of Greece. 

Probably the most popular summer seasonal work destination in the country, you go can wild with the amount of bars and clubs, hit the beach, join adventure sports or for something different try to spot wild sea turtles. 


Summer Jobs in Zante

Got no plans for summer? Make some by applying to work abroad in Zante for summer! There are a lot of positions for internationals during summer including bar work, restaurant work, pr reps, jelly shot girls and glass collectors. Most of the nighttime entertainment takes places on the busy strip of Laganas which is where most jobs are found. You could also seek employmen on Kalamake Road which also has lots of bars and restaurants


Bar Jobs in Zante

  • Wages: Around 35 Euros a day/night plus tips
  • Working Hours: It depends on the job, usually around 8pm - 3am /10pm - 4am 
  • What to Expect: Working behind busy bars / clubs
  • Who Can Apply: It is more advantageous to have experience but not essential, helps to have some charm & character
  • Benefits: Free Drinks, meet new people, party


Club / Bar PR Jobs in Zante

  • Wages: 10-60 Euros per night
  • Working Hours: 9pm - 3am
  • What to Expect: You will need to be social persuading people to go into bars and clubs. You will need bags of energy.
  • Recommended Clubs to Work: Rescue, Zeros and Cherry Bay. For a quiter experience and to get some sleep you might want to work in an expat bar during the day
  • Benefits: Free drinks, meeting new people, work in some of the best bars/clubs on the island


Jelly Shot Girl Jobs in Zante

  • Wages: Depending on how many you sell, usaully around 20-80 Euros a night
  • Working Hours: 10pm - 3am
  • What to Expect: You will be selling a wide selection of jelly drinks, shots, tubes and gas chambers. To do this job you have to be very outgoing and have the ability to be both fun and flirty.
  • Benefits: Free drinks, constant party environment, free club passes


Restaurant Jobs in Zante

  • Wages: 20-50 euros a night plus tips
  • Working Hours: 6-8 hour shifts, 10am-11pm
  • What to Expect: You could be handing out leaflets for the restaurant, a waiter/waitress or kitchen work. You will need a friendly personality. These positions are more relaxed than working in bars
  • Benefits: Advantages Free Meals & free drinks


Glass Collector Jobs in Zante

  • Wages: 30-40 Euros a night plus tips
  • Working Hours: 6-8 hours shifts 9pm- 4am
  • What to Expect: Re-stocking the bar and collecting empty glasses etc
  • Benefits: Free drinks, basic wage, work in party environment


Ticket Seller Jobs in Zante

  • Wages: 20-60 Euros per day
  • Working Hours: Very Flexible
  • The Role: Sell tickets for boat parties, foam parties,club nights or bar crawls
  • Benefits: Free entry to clubs


Other Jobs

Please note there are lots of other jobs available in the resorts, above we just give you examples of some of the most popular working holiday roles. You could work as an activity instructor, in a office for a holiday company or as a in-country rep.


Zante Working Holidays

Work Abroad Zante

Best time to find work in Zante?

If you are wondering when the best time to find jobs in Zante we recommend arriving early in the season around April or May - you will stand a better chance of beating the crowds. In late June and July lots of the resorts are jam packed and most of the bars, clubs and restraurants will have already hired staff.

Don't worry if you can't arrive early there are still jobs available as employers are always on the look out for new staff throughout the summer. Also if you arrive late in July or August you still stand a good chance of getting a job as many of the workers go home early or move to different resorts.


Top Clubs to Work in Zante

Rescue, Zeros, Linekers, Waikiki, Cherry Bay.


Popular Bars to Work in Zante

Three Lions, G Spot, BarCode, Lush, Kamakaze, Aussies, Sabotage.



The pay in Zante is usually around 15-50 euros per night depending on the job/season. Some jobs you can boost your ages through commission on selling things like laughing gas, tickets and activities. Sometimes you will get free drinks and food too.


Who Can Apply

Generally people aged 17-32 apply for these types of summer jobs in Zante. We find most people are British but other Nationalities apply too.


Do I need a Visa to work in Zante?

If you are from the UK, or an EU country you don't need a visa to work in Zante. 


How and when do I get paid?

Most bars and clubs pay by cash in hand either daily, weekly, every fortnight or some monthly. 


How to Apply

You can apply through an agency who will arrage your flights, accommodation and an in-country rep or you can apply independently by seeking out employment locally. Agencies can't 100% guarantee work,  you will need to make a good impression to hiring managers. View all our summer seasonal-jobs-working-holidays in Greece.


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