Work in Ayia Napa

Working Holidays in Ayia Napa

So you are keen to work abroad? Choose Ayia Napa as your destination. Ayia Napa is located in the east of Cyprus and on a spectacular coast with the beautiful Mediterranean ocean on your doorstep. Think beaches, parties and memories to last a lifetime. If the idea of spending a working holiday doing a season in Ayia Napa appeal to you, view our guide and apply today.


Summer Work in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is not for the feint hearted, if you don't like to party you might be best choosing somewhere else. Most employers will look to see how fun and enjoyable you are to be around not how much experience you have. If you are looking for a quieter working environment we recommend apply to hotels, there are so many to choose from in Ayia Napa and also throughout Cyprus. Usually you will also get to stay and live for free which is an added bonus. 


Bar and Club Jobs in Ayia Napa

Some of the largest bars and clubs where you might want to consider applying include Castle club, Ice club and Soho club. All of these have huge capacities and therefore need a lot of staff during peak seasons.


Best Time to Arrive to Get a Job

To guarantee your best chances of getting a seasonal summer job in Ayia Napa then late May and easy June is a good time to arrive, this is when tourists start arriving for the busy summer period and this is when a lot of the bars and clubs hire most staff. You can arrive right through till late August - this month is also extremely busy with tourists which means there are plenty of jobs available.


Top Tips for Getting Hired

To find work in Ayia Napa and throughout Cyprus for that matter you will need to be active in your area and be a good talker getting in contact with bar staff, managers, internationals and network network network. If you have previous experience this helps but it is how you approach your potential employer which matters.


Apply Through an Agency or Solo?

If you apply through an agency make use of their in-country rep, they will have good links and also lots of tips on what to say at interviews. They usually charge a fee which includes a package of flights, accommodation with other workers and in-country help in getting work. You can also apply solo and seek out employment locally.


Working Hours

You can expect to be working around 6 hours per night, usually in bars around 8pm - 2am or in clubs a little later 10pm to 4am. There are alternative day jobs available too which are usually flexible.



Most jobs are not on fixed contracts and you will usually be paid in cash in the local currency and wages in Ayia Napa can vary from from one place to another. Some flexible summer jobs offer a low basic salary but with commission or added bonuses like free drinks, food and accommodation. You might get paid more if you have previous experience but generally bars and clubs pay around 20-30 euros per night depending on your hours.


How to Apply

Search agencies and featured seasonal-jobs-working-holidays and apply now! You might also like to view our guide to working in Cyprus.



"Ayia Napa is wicked and crazy, I had the best time and met some amazing people, definitely going back next year" 

"If you are working as a PR don't expect an easy ride, some people can be really rude and making sales can be a challenge if you are not pushy. I would advise going early in the summer as during July it is super busy with job seekers." 

"Ayia Napa is the best place to find work but don't stay here if you want a relaxing summer, in town it get rammed with tourists and really is a 24/7 place. Try to drink lots of water, drinking alcohol and working long hours is not a good idea." 

"I will never forget my days relaxing close to Nissi Bay after a heavy night of partying. This was a really amazing summer and a lot better than staying at home working a boring job. As long as you don't expect to become a millionaire, or even compare wages to back home you will enjoy the best experience."


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