If you currently researching options for the world's hottest honeymoon destinations and are keen to avoid the cliché expensive resort honeymoon somewhere like Bora Bora, Greece, Thailand, Maldives and the Seychelles then there are lots of amazing alternative options.

We have put together a guide to the world's most underrated honeymoon destinations that you've probably not even heard about or considered. Our list includes beach locations, cities, islands as well as some destinations with unique special ideas for an unforgettable honeymoon!


1. Puglia, Italy

Italy remains a popular honeymoon destination for couples. It is considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world with world famous destinations like Venice, Rome, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast.

If you are keen to take a break in Italy and want to avoid the crowds we recommend a break to Puglia. What do we love about Puglia? Museums, historical sites, a spectacular Mediteranean coast and romantic settings.

Aim to go in September to November, when the weather is still good but the numbers of tourists (and prices) are significantly lower.


2. Costa Rica

If you are looking to take a honeymoon in Central America then most people tend to go for a luxury resort in the Caribbean or Mexico. But we recommend travelling a little further south as you are sure to fall in love with Costa Rica! 

This small country offers some of the best honeymoon adventure activities. You can visit beautiful beaches, go scuba diving, explore jungles, see sloths or climb volcanoes! The local cuisine is an absolute must try and there are so many outdoor activities available to book! This country is one of the best eco destinations on our list, you might like to search Costa Rica tours for amazing trips. 

Uvita is possibly not on your radar of possible honeymoon destinations although it should be. This up and coming small village is an offer the beaten track destination in Costa Rica but offers the idead location for an adventure honeymoon fantasies for better kind of time like howler monkeys, toucans, sloths, picturesque mountains etc.

Oxygen Jungle Villas is a recommended place to stay, expect a unique boutique hotel experience with finest villas. It is possible to get a good discount here too especially compared to some of the most popular destinations on our list. If you would like to combine experiences you might like to check out our Costa Rica tours which will take you to the best locations in the country.


3. India

Want to relax in an exotic tropical paradise? Try India! This mysterious country has great honeymoon destinations on a budget. We guarantee that its rich history will enchant you. You will get to discover the local culture, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, and beaches!

You could opt for a beach break in Goa, see the amazing Taj Mahal, get close to exotic tigers or for something more rewarding apply to volunteer in India joining a meaningful short term project. India is one of the best value Asian honeymoon destinations too, the prices for accommodation and sightseeing are a fraction of the price of other countries in the region.


4. Overland USA

Want something unqiue and a trip to remember rather than just sunbathing on an all-inclusive resort? Book an overland adventure of the USA! You could rent your own transport and stop off at some of the best places in the country.

From exploring New York, to see the hills of Virginia, the gardens of Georgia or enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of New Orleans - the USA has so many destinations for everyone. You could travel and drive the legendary Route 66' or head over the explore California and the west coast.

You can visit any time of year, be it for its food, music or rich culture... you are bound to have an awesome experience!


5. Glamping in the UK

If you want a cheap honeymoon and love nature and the outdoors then consider a glamping break in the UK. This might sound like one of the most bizarre honeymoon ideas ever, but if you don't have a big budget or just want to see some of the beautiful countryside, you might be left suprised how good this idea is. The UK has some stunning locations and when glamping you can stay in a big tent or cabin, with all the modern conveniences. What can be more fun?


6. Quebec, Canada

Quebec, Canada might not be your first idea of a perfect honeymoon destination, but this city is full of romance. Quebec resembles a European city without having to pay for a transatlantic flight! The fortresses, castles, and cobblestone streets of Quebec will win your heart! Best time to visit? June to September and December through January. 


7. Jamaica

Considering an exotic destination and an all-includive honeymoon package? Don't consider overcrowed and overpriced destinations like Aruba and Barbados, go to Jamaica. The white sandy beaches are beautiful and the natural beauty and waterfalls will leave you breathless.

Jamaica is great if you want a little adventure and exploration too, you could go bamboo rafting or try cliff jumping! Trust us, you will make some unforgettable memories! November through mid-December is the best time to be there. 


8. Lapland

Want something outstanding and don’t like hot weather? Finnish Lapland is waiting for you. Spend your honeymoon vacations in subarctic temperatures! There is unique nature, world class ski resorts and the chance to see the spectacular Northern Lights!

You could try to stay for the night in a snow castle at the Snowman World in Rovaniemi and Snow Village in Kittilä. Try a dog-sled ride or a snowmobile tour, and warm up afterwards in a traditional sauna. Best time to visit? November through February.


9. Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Keen to get off the beaten track and visit somewhere totally undercroweded? It might sound surprising, but the island of Rarotonga is among our top honeymoon destinations 2019. This small island in the Cook Islands has soft climate. It is a great place for snorkeling (check out the underwater caves and shipwrecks!).


10. Bruges, Belgium

If you are looking for a honeymoon city break then Bruges is a city to consider. This city seems to come from the pages of a fairy tale. You will fall in love with its canals, cobbled streets and medieval buildings. Visit the Lake of Love, make your honeymoon even sweeter in a museum of chocolates, and try some beer at De Halve Maan Brewery. Bruges are especially beautiful June through August.  


11. The Azores, Portugal

Portugal is one of the most popular European summer holiday destinations but most people tend to visit the Algarve region in the south of the country. If a honeymoon in Portugal appeals to you then we recommend checking out the nice islands of the Azores.

The scenery is breathtaking with Atlantic Ocean and also some of the tallest mountains in the world which can be seen for miles around, There are lots of outdoor activities here like bike riding, hiking, whale and dolphin watching, visiting hotspings or exploring UNESCO sites.


12. Florida Keys

The Florida Keys offers an unforgettable experience of the Caribbean on a tight budget! It is definitely a great choice, and one of the top honeymoon destinations in the Americas with palm trees, spectacular ocean views, snorkeling, dolphins and much more. The weather is warm here all year round. 


13. Mozambique

Take a honeymoon in Mozambique? Where exactly is that we hard you think? Mozambique is one of the hottest African travel destinations and for good reason to. This country is special with nature, beaches, festivals and very friendly people. Mozambique is a good alternative to South Africa and you can see exotic wildlife in places like the Gorongosa National Park and stay in great value resorts.


14. Kotor, Montenegro

Eastern Europe might not be the first place you think about when planning a honeymoon but this region is a hidden gem.

Croatia and Greece have grown in popularity over the last decade to the point now where you can't move without seeing hordes of tourists. Montenegro offers an authentic experience with lots of places to see, beaches and cheap accommodation.

Kotor is one of the best destinations, this is an old fortified city on the stunning Adriatic coast. Wandering around this city is amazing with the medieval charm and cobblestone streets.


As you can see, there are a lot of options for off the beaten track honeymoon destinations where you can mix relaxation with adventure. Whatever you are looking for, from a beach holidays, mountains, European experience and even Northern Lights - so many places to see, so many things to do! The hard part is deciding where to go!