5 Amazing Places to Visit in Turkey on Your Honeymoon

Turkey is a really underrated destination for honeymoons and if you do decide to visit this county you will be surprised by how many incredible romantic destinations there are.

You can choose between a wide range of locations, including ancient cities, beautiful beach resorts and also unique destinations including places you can stay in cave hotels!

Turkey is a great value for money destination and offers the perfect blend of European and Asian architecture, lifestyle and exotic influences. Turkey has been the centre of human civilisations for centuries, and has seen the rise and fall of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires which greatly influenced its culture and heritage.

On a honeymoon here there are so many incredible things to do. You can take timeout to explore the local culture and customs other than the attractions. Indulge in activities like a relaxing Turkish bath which comes with exquisite spa to get a true insight into the rich heritage of Turkish life. With your partner, explore the local streets and relish upon sweets, and street food made with rare Turkish spices.

Turkey features the perfect blend of architectural marvels, cosiest resorts for stay, best of tourist attraction, restaurants and more, promising a wonderful time with your loved ones.

View our guide to the best honeymoon destinations in Turkey and plan an amazing break today.


1. Enjoy Istanbul - the Capital of Turkey

Istanbul, the capital region, hosts an imperial ambiance and its wide range of mystical monuments, mosques, cathedral and old cisterns are a definite visit. Explore and shops at the vibrant grand bazaar and purchase some exquisite items from your loved ones at reasonable prices.

Istanbul is the perfect city destination for honeymooners, in this imperial city you can visit the grandiose Hagia Sophia and marvel at the artistic beauty of this architectural wonder. The wonderful blue mosque which is one of the most exquisite tourist attractions of Istanbul is a must see attraction.

You could go for a romantic dinner date in the spectacular Bosphorus cruise and enjoy the cosy and vibrant nightlife of Istanbul at its best. Head onto Nargile joints and relish upon the flavourful hookahs which are a rich part of Turkish heritage and tradition and a must do activity in your Turkey honeymoon packages.

Istanbul is also one of the last cities in Europe to use a unique tram transportation that were a major transport service back in the 70s and 80s. A wonderful ride on a local tram is one of the best way to enjoy some relaxing and cosy time with your partner whilst enjoying the outstanding views and see life passing by from the window. Trams can be accessed from the Taksim square upto the Tunel square and passes by major bazaars, mosques, architectural wonders and the casual lifestyle of Turkey. Thrillophilia highly recommends trying out this heritage service during the afternoon to avoid rush and enjoy the quaint city life of Turkey at its best.


2. Bathe at the Pamukkale Hot Springs

Located in the western stretch of Turkish land, the serene Pamukkale hot springs are one of the most enchanting and romantic tourist destination to visit. This natural wonder consists of calcium and stalactite formations hosting a perfect spotless white landscape. This limestone formation, also called as Cotton candy, also features hot and natural hot springs for a rejuvenating bathing experience with your loved ones. A bathing excursion at the hot water, is known to release the body from all sorts of stress and consists of healing properties as well. After your relaxing bath, thrillophilia recommends a walking stroll to the ruins of Hierapolis and hierapolis theatre as well.


3. Experience Romance in Cappadocia

The town of Cappadocia features one of the best natural landscapes around Turkey and is home to the most exquisite of resorts, restaurants, and a unique lifestyle worth learning more about.

What attracts a plethora of tourists to this attraction, is its famous hot air balloon rides which take you through a thrilling ride with spectacular views overlooking the local rock formations and landscapes. Get stunning pictures at 500 metres above the ground with the pristine sun setting in the background.

These hot air balloon rides are extremely well priced and a must try activity when visiting Cappadocia. Other things to do include exploring the small town of Goreme with your loved ones, visiting the Goreme national park and pigeon valleys which are a beautiful stretch of mountain terrains, rock formations, pleasant wilderness and more.


4. Antalya

Antalya is one of the best tourism destinations in the whole of Turkey attracting millions of visitors from around the world every year. The beaches here are the main draw for foreigners, and it is easy to see why - they are stunning! There are also lots of hotels and resorts for all budgets.


5. Safranbolu

The exquisite old town of Safranbolu is the perfect destination where all horneymooners looking for an off the beaten track destination away from the usual hustle. The old town of Safranbolu has well preserved architecture and monuments dating back to the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, which makes this location a unique UNESCO heritage site. Take your partner for a romantic stay at the old cottage and motels built in Ottoman style architecture and enjoy the best reviewed services, fun ambiance and Turkish food at amazing prices. Safranbolu also sells the best of sweet treats which can be relished upon the main alleys of the Old town from local shops and street vendors.


Other Places to Consider

Oludeniz And Fethiye
Home to the beautiful Blue Lagoon - one of the most natually beautiful places in the country. 

A popular resort city with beaches, yachts, hotels and located on the southern Mediterranean region, with beautiful blue waters.

A Mediterranean resort town along the Turkish Riviera (also known as the Turquoise Coast) with lots of things to do and amazing nightlife.

An ancient historical city on the Bodrum Peninsula, stretching from Turkey's southwest coast into the Aegean Sea.