Whether its far or near the trips I've selected for places you must visit at least once in your lifetime wont disappoint!

The Bahamas, Israel, Iceland, Hawaii and Mexico have some of the most extraordinary breathtaking natural wonders which will leave you speechless.


1. The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a must see for everyone once in their lifetime, but what do you do when you’re there? Besides relaxing in the many luxurious hotels and shopping among the many shop filled streets!

The trips you take while in the Bahamas are undoubtedly the best part and the most unusual but raved about trip is going to feed the swimming pigs in Great Exuma in Hoopers Bay.

Whether you’re staying on the main island of the Bahamas or in Great Exuma itself, getting to Hoopers Bay by boat is very easy; many trips are offered daily and your hotel may offer them directly. The pigs swim, yes swim up to the boat where you have the opportunity to feed them and even join them in the water and along the beach!

Did you know you can also volunteer in the Bahamas?


2. Dead Sea, Israel

Visited by thousands, sometimes reaching millions of tourists per year, The Dead Sea, located in Israel is a must take trip.

The Dead Sea is 377 metres deep and therefore is the deepest hypersatine lake in the world and is also 55 kilometres long. Being 9.6 times as salty as the ocean it is a harsh environment for animals to flourish therefore hence its name the Dead Sea.

Because of its density it makes swimming similar to floating making it impossible for you to drown while lying on top of the sea. There are many resorts near to the Dead Sea which are very popular in the summer months when Israel’s tourism is at its highest and the Dead Sea is a number 1 spot to visit!

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3. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

While being a popular destination to see the Northern Lights, Iceland has some amazing specialist attractions that don’t even compare.

The steamy waters of the Blue Lagoon outside of Reykjavík is one of the most visited Iceland destinations said to have healing powers for certain skin diseases many take to the steamy waters regularly for relaxation or repair, being between 37-39 degrees Celsius.

It was open to the public from 1992 and they became one of the must see man made attractions of Iceland. They are are very clear about hygiene and guests are required to shower before and after bathing is the geothermal spa.

You certainly get the luxury treatment while bathing as waiters shower you with refreshments! View our tours in Iceland.


4. Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is always a must at any time of your life, but how do you do it right? By visiting the black sand beach (Punalu’u Beach) and seeing the endangered Green sea turtles that roam there.

The black sand beach is created by lava flowing into the ocean and as it reaches the open ocean it explodes and cools down to create the black sand.

The ocean is very rocky so swimming can be dangerous but there is a lot of underground fresh water beneath the surface a bit further in from the shore.

The Green Sea turtles will roam the beach and people are expected to be careful when approaching them as they are an endangered species however you won’t get a view quite like it anywhere else on a black sand beach!

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5. Yucatan, Mexico

Within Mexico there are many cenotes to choose from, a cenote is a deep natural sinkhole in which many visit while in Mexico to bathe in and relax.

Yucatan has some of the very best Mexico has to offer! There are giant stairwells leading down to the cenote and there you can see the waterfalls within it and the large vines that drape from the ceiling of the cenote.

There are many adventure tours in Mexico visit the different cenotes especially in Yacatan.


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By Laura R Murgatroyd