However, the state has a variety of experiences that you’ll want to get out of the city and enjoy.

Whether you live in Australia, or are keen to plan a dream holiday, backpacking trip or gap year in Australia, you really need to explore New South Wales.

For inspiration for where to go, here are the top 10 scenic destinations in NSW you really need to see.


1. Lord Howe Island

A quick two hour flight from Sydney lands you in one of the only islands in New South Wales, and certainly one of its most unique.

The island has few residents and fewer visitors, giving you plenty of space to explore the unique flora and fauna, as well as excellent coral reefs and water sports.

Expect spectacular nature and scenery (as seen in the main feature image). This island really does look like somewhere exotic like Mauritius.


2. Bondi Beach

Bondi beach

Although a major city, Sydney hasn’t forgotten its relaxed coastal roots.  Tourists love the kitsch, retro atmosphere of Bondi, where just putting your feet in the sand and people-watching is an all day event.  Don’t miss the enjoyable coastal walking trails, such as the popular jaunt down to Bronte.


3. The Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains, New South Wales

No scenic destination list would be complete without listing one of the most special spots in NSW, the Blue Mountains.

This is one of the most popular day trips from Sydney, and once you visit you will understand why.

A World Heritage site, the region offers a variety of walks and hikes, restaurants and inns, and is an outdoor wonder just 2 hours from Sydney by car or train.

Lots of local and international Australia tour companies offer trips here and can be booked all year round.


4. Willandra Lakes

History buffs love making the trip out to Willandra Lakes, another World Heritage site, were remains have been found of human occupation believed to be nearly 45,000 years old!  Larger-than-life fossils that are perfectly preserved have been found, and the undulating land formations and remains of the lakes (which have long since dried up) fascinate travellers.


5. Border Ranges National Park

This national park makes for a great visitor experience because you can choose from a variety of scenic drives, with varying lengths, or hop out of your vehicle and hike through one of Australia’s ancient rainforests.

The scenery is quite dramatic and a wonderful view into New South Wales’ geographic diversity.


6. Jervis Bay

Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay, Australia

With brilliant red rocks and white sand beaches, Jarvis Bay never disappoints.

If you do nothing else but walk along the beach, you’ll be satisfied – but the fun doesn’t stop there.  There are many shops and boutiques in this area, world-class restaurants, as well as the popular dolphin watch cruises.

Have you ever thought about volunteering in Australia? If you would like to do something rewarding there are lots of projects here helping marine animals and conservation.


7. Nightcap National Park

If you think that Australia is too dry, then visit Nightcap National Park. It’s the wettest spot in New South Wales, which means it features a variety of unique flora and fauna, wonderful hiking trails, and of course – a waterfall!  The park is popular with bird watchers as well.


8. Abercrombie Caves, Bathurst

Scenic destinations don’t have to be above ground; Abercrombie Caves is home to the largest natural arch in the southern hemisphere, and the caves themselves are such a unique experience – they’re quite different to caves found elsewhere in the world.

You can spend the night in the adjacent cabins or camps, but book ahead.


9. Mount Kaputar National Park

Last but not least is the unique rock formations called the Sawn Rocks, found in Mount Kaputar National Park.

The drive to this park some say is one of the most scenic drives in NSW that isn’t a coastal road, and in the park, you’ll have plenty of trails to choose from.

The weird rock formations here are all natural, formed by quickly cooling lava formations from the volcanos that were once volatile here


10. Chinamans Beach

A spectacular 250 metre white sandy beach at the northern perimeter of Mosman. This is usually less touristy than the main beaches in the city and the water is crystal clear.


Plan a Trip to New South Wales

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