Sydney Travel Guide

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Activities, Tours & Things to Do in Sydney


Travel to Sydney

There is so much to do and see in Sydney, that it is impossible to list it all here. Instead, booking in advance and spending enough time will allow you to take in everything the city has to offer. From pristine beaches to camping in the bush to seeing all of the native flora and fauna, Sydney is the perfect city. When it comes to nightlife and dining, Sydney has great restaurants, bars and clubs.


Best Places to Visit in Sydney

Sydney offers so much for tourists and there are so mant places to add to your itinerary.

The Rocks Area
We highly recommend going for a walk around the Rock area which has bars, resturants and a relaxed atmosphere. 

Sydney Opera House
For music, you have to look no further than the symbol of the city, the Sydney Opera House. This famous building opened in 1973 and houses seven venues, including the main concert hall. Despite its name, it hosts performances of theatre and ballet as well as classical music and opera, and is now one of the most distinctive and iconic buildings in the World. Alongside the opera house sits an equally iconic structure in the form of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The two together make the city’s harbour an attractive place to sail, yet another of the city’s outdoor activities, and carries cars, trains and pedestrians from the city’s business district to the North Shore. As such a focal point of the city, the frame of the bridge is lit up each year for the city’s New Year’s Eve display. Each year a different theme is used, such as a disco ball or the Yin and Yang symbol, and the end result is a spectacular show for the entire city to see. 

Sydney is also one of only two cities in Australia (Brisbane being the other) that has professional teams representing all four forms of football: rugby league, rugby union, soccer, and Aussie rules. In fact, nine of the 16 top flight rugby league teams are based in Sydney. As well as this is the Sydney Cricket Ground, which hosts tests in the Ashes series, when England visit the country. Watching a live sporting event here is highly recommended. 

Sydney Festival
The Sydney Festival, an annual event held in the scorching heat of January, where there are indoor and outdoor music performances, exhibitions and specially organised events. It is one of the largest of many festivals that happen in the city. Depending on what interests you, there is the Sydney Film Festival, the rock festival Big Day Out and Australian Fashion Week.