But there are some beacons of light and more and more cities are becoming eco friendly, 

Check out our list of the most green cities in the world and also also some eco friendly activities you can do in these destinations. 


10. Copenhagen, Denmark

This is the most famous city in Denmark and also among the most visited places in the region.

One of the greatest reasons why Copenhagen is placed in the list of top greenest cities in the world is the clean environment it offers. Other reasons that make this city appear on the list of green cities are; 

  • Copenhagen city is adjacent to water surface, and one of the advantages of being close to water is good climate and regular rain which highly support plants 
  • The government work so hard in sustaining the hygienic standards of the city also aided by the citizens 

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9. Bogota, Colombia

In Colombia, Bogota capital city tops the list of the greenest cities of Colombia. Some of the green features include; 

  • The city has an estimated green space of about 1,100 miles. 
  • If you have a problem riding bikes on streets of other cities, then here it is no challenge at all Bogota city has set aside a hundred miles bike trails to beat traffic hence reduce pollution. 

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8. Adelaide, Australia

The Australian government created an awareness to bring down carbon emission in Adelaide city. Other reasons why it is placed in the green cities list include; 

  • It has over 25 green parks and several green hotels 
  • The government project that turns food waste into plant food 

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7. Freiburg, Germany

This city in Germany has wide spread of green environmental nature, reasons being; 

  • It is located between green hills 
  • It has scattered tree plantations all over the city 

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6. Portland, America 

Apart from being the cleanest city in the USA, Portland city is also considered the greenest city. Among the reasons why it has maintained this position include; 

  • The people of this city were banned from using polythene bags, this is one way of improving hygiene 
  • Apart from cleanliness, the city supplies fresh air thanks to the green hill adjacent to the city 

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5. Curitiba, Brazil

Apart from the government, the people of this city also precipitate in maintaining the green nature. They domesticate sheep to keep the grass in controlled level. Other reasons for this city in Brazil being on the list of green cities are; 

  • The presence of 14 natural forests 
  • Curitiba city provides several green parks and over 100 green spaces 
  • Waste recycle project by the government 

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4. Zermatt, Switzerland

  • Zermatt city conveys a beautiful view of the Matterhorn Mountain on one side. 
  • The city is not congested and has a wide spread of green plants on the streets. 

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3. San Francisco, USA 

  • San Francisco city’s recycling program is one reason why the city stands as a pioneer in the environmental movement, ranks as the greenest of 27 large cities in North America.
  • 80% of city’s waste is diverted for recycling and landfilling.

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2. Vancouver city, Canada 

  • Residents of this city are striving hard to make the city widely recognized as the most livable city in the world.
  • Greenest City 2020 is a bold initiative program started to make the city greenest in the world by 2020.

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1. Reykjavik, Iceland 

  • Reykjavik gets 100% of its energy from the natural resources that are renewable, cheap and pollution-free.
  • Volcanoes, waterfalls, geysers and hot springs provide abundant electricity and hot water.

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By Stacy Eva