There are lots of common excuses people make for not making the final application, and also lots of things which can hold you back.

To help give you a bit of ecouragement and to help you make a decision, we have put together a list of the things that shouldn't hold you back from studying abroad.


1. Cost

Studying abroad doesn't have to cost a fortune and there are lots of ways to keep costs down. For a start, there are lots of grants and bursaries available to allievate the cost. You could also try to see where you current outgoings and cut back or get a part time job to save money - every little helps. If your visa allows you could also work abroad on your program to help fund living/studying overseas. Another option is to choose a cheap destination. View our top tips how to study abroad on a budget.


2. Fear

When doing something different and breaking a normal routine there can always be an element of doubt - is this the best idea? There can also be a worry or fear of the unknown but the only way to find out is if you go. There are lots of things you can do to decrease the element of fear you might have, for example choose a course you will enjoy, choose an English speaking destination or somewhere close to your own country, or a destination which a lot of international students choose. There’s always going to be some feelings of trepidation but it will be worth it!


3. Terrorism

Safety is a concern for all international students, but terrorism shouldn't be a reason to prevent you from seeing the world. Bad things can happen anywhere, even in your native country. There are been instances of terrorism in Europe, the Middle East and other worldwide locations in recent years but these are rare and the chances of getting caught up in anything is very slim. If you have always dreamed of studying in France or Israel, two very popular countries, you can check latest safety advice before departing and get advice from your university who should reassure you and provide detailed information.


4. Language Barrier

If you would like to visit new exciting destinations and you do not speak any foreign languages there are a lot of college and universtiy programs in English! You could even book a combo language program abroad to improve your language skills whilst overseas.  This article on how to choose where to study abroad might also be helpful. Popular options include:


5. Homesickness

Going to study abroad means spending time away from your normal routine, friends and family but nowadays it has never been so easy to keep in touch. There are so many apps and websites like Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook and Facetime where you can contact home in seconds from anywhere in the world. 


6. Negative Opinions

Sometimes when you express your desire to do something new and exciting, especially in a destination which is not so popular, you might get negative comments which could hold you back. Sometimes family and friends who are meant to be your support base can actually hold a totally different opinion and object or try to convince you it isn't a good idea. If you are keen to book a place on a course abroad you should stick to your interests and not let anyone convince you otherwise.


7. You Won't Make New Friends

Studying abroad will be a lot of fun and the chance to meet new people from your own country and from all around the world. Many course providers arrange social events and you will also make new friends in class. Your friends at home will always be there when you get back.


8. It Isn't Worth the Effort

Yes it is easier to study in your home country but participating in a study abroad program, apart from giving you an amazing experience in a unique and new region of the world, will enrich your education, expand your horizons, increase your self-confidence, build your resume, act as a recommendation for future employment, and enable you to immersing yourself in a fascinating culture. This will be an experience you will always remember with fond memories. If you are still not convinced check view 10 reasons why you should to study abroad.


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