Check out our list of the advantages and disadvantages of taking a gap year which will hopefully help you make a decision to see if it is right for you.


Benefits of Taking a Gap Year

Wondering if a gap year is right for you? Need some gentle persuasion? Hopefully our list will help give you the reasons to take a gap year...


1. It Can Be The Trip of Your Life

Sydney ferry

You can visit exciting destinations and do amazing things and create memories. Not to mention escape your normal routine or home town. There are so many different countries and experiences available so you will be sure to find something to match your interests.


2. You Can Improve Your CV & Get Paid

Hong Kong skyline night

A gap year doesn't just have to include traveling, you can do something constructive too which could help a future career. For example you could apply for internships abroad or volunteer programs.


3. You Can Travel on a Budget

Worried about financing your gap year? Why not apply to work abroad? This will boost your bank balance and provide funds for future travels. There are lots of flexible options too, you can buy a TEFL course or search summer jobs abroad both great options to fund further travels.


4. You'll Make Memories to Last a Lifetime

Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation Road, Cape Tribulation QLD, Australia

Not much compares to travelling and you will get the opportunity to do as much as possible. 


5. Personal Growt

Elephant Sanctuary Thailand

A gap year can allow you to experience new cultures and learn so much more than you could just by watching tv or reading articles. Nothing compared to actually being there to different experiences. You will also be able to enhance your confidence and grow as a person.


6. Learn New Things

You will also get lots of time to try something different or learn new skills. Popular options include booking a scuba dive course, learn a new language abroad or taking a ski instructor course.


7. Meet New People

A gap year is an opportunity to meet new people from all over the world from all different walks of life. New friendships will be formed, and new door ways opened. You might also meet the love of your life and never return!


Disadvantages of Taking a Gap Year

Gap years are not for everyone, here are some things to consider...


1. You Could Lose Time

If you don't spend your gap year wisely you could find time passing quickly and you might not make the most of the time.

You will need to assess what stage of your life you are at, do you really want to take time out or focus on studies or your career instead?

You really need to think hard before making the final decision as for example you don't want to be half way around the world on a year out and regreating the decision.


2. You Might Get Homesick

Traveling can sound amazing, but some people miss home comforts.

Being somewhere exotic like India for example will allow you to see places like the Taj Mahah but you might not have considered living standards you are not used to or the difference in food.

Unless you travel with friends and family it can be tough to be away depending on how long you are away for. 


3. Risk

It can be daunting and scary to visit new places, especially if you go solo.

Sometimes traveling to foreign destinations can be stressful when you have to worry about safety, accommodation, meeting people, not losing any belongings and avoid scams.

To eliminate any worst-case scenarios when it comes to accidents and health risks, be sure to purchase travel insurance. 


4. Cost

Depending on where you would like to go and do, gap years can be expensive. When you account flights, travel insurance, accommodation, activities and getting around you can soon see your money disappear. 


5. Getting Lost

If you don't have a structured plan or ideas of things you want to do, you could end up totally lost and not do things which you might have enjoyed. Some things like booking a group tour can help.


We are slightly biased but we think the pros far out weigh the cons. So what are you waiting for, start planning your dream trip today. Our website connects you to incredible trips and programs worldwide, start planning your gap year today.

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