Here he provides his feedback for anyone seeking to join an Oasis tour.


Favourite country:



Favourite place/town:



3-5 Must do activities on an Oasis adventure:

  • Hike and enjoy the breathtaking views of Chimanimani mountains
  • Raft the Zambezi, close to Victoria Falls
  • Get lost in one of the many local markets of South America, have a fresh juice and an almuerzo for $ 2.50
  • Go for a 3 day trek in Torres del Paine in Patagonia/Argentina
  • Biking down the Death Road in Bolivia


Which Central Asia country are you most looking forward to:

Kyrgyzstan and Iran


How would you describe bush camping to someone that has never done this before:

One word: freedom

Same as camping on a camp site with the benefits of free-to-pick-your-spot, being-out-there, great-star-viewing, no-noise-regulations, again: freedom


What are you looking forward to on your Central Asia trip:

Meeting different cultures, having some awesome views, good trekking.


Best animal you have seen on trip and why:

Cougar! Unexpectedly appeared on the way to the start of a 3 day trip in Torres del Paine.


Favourite food & in which country:

Bife del Chorizo, Argentinia


Best drink on a trip:

Freshly blended fruit juice in just about any South American market.


What should people expect from an Overland trip:

stunning views, what-you-put-in-you-get-out attitude, not to have to shower everyday, great people to travel with, flat tires, late nights, lots of pictures to sort out, lots of outdoor adventures, different food you used to, truck games, adjusting to and learning about local cultures.


You can join Colin (also known to many as Colioni!) on one of the Oasis Overland Tours to Central Asia.



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