A football weekend with some of your friends is a perfect way to hang out and have some shared, memorable experiences. Sitting at a football stadium with thousands of other audiences is a true rush that will make the hairs on your arms raise. The thrill of going towards the stadium, entering the stands, seeing world famous players do their warm-up, and the excitement of the kick-off, is truly thrilling. 


Best European Football Destinations

There are so many amazing places you can visit to watch football, and deciding where to go can be difficult. You can choose between literally hundreds of towns and cities in Europe home to some of the most famous teams and stadiums in the world.

You could go to watch a well known team that competes for titles and in the Champions League, or for something more unique a lesser known team where the atmosphere and experience can be more authentic.

These are some of the most popular places to go:

  • Hamburg, Germany (Hamburg FC and FC St. Pauli)
  • Amsterdam (Ajax)
  • Milan (AC & Inter Milan)
  • Dortmund (Borussia Dortmund)
  • Manchester (Manchester City & United)
  • Barcelona (FC Barcelona)
  • Paris (Paris St Germain)
  • London (Chelsea, Spurs)
  • Lyon (Lyon)
  • Rome (Rome & Lazio)
  • Liverpool (Liverpool FC)
  • Munich (Bayern Munich)
  • Madrid (Real & Athletico Madrid)
  • Lisbon (Benfica and Sporting)
  • Turin (Juventus)


Go Independent or Do an Organised Tour

Some companies offer European football trips and can help plan the whole break away. You usually pay a fee but this includes a complete package of flights, accommodation and football tickets. Sometimes booking everything independently allows you to be more flexible e.g. in terms of which hotel you stay but there are lots of advantages of going through a travel agency or company. For example, some tickets can be really difficult to buy individually, especially in mainland Europe where the language barrier can be an issue. 

Whichever option you go for, be sure to book everything well in-advance of your preferred departure date. Flights and hotels can get expensive the closer you book and also football tickets, especially for the larger more popular games can sell out quickly.


Enhance the Excitement 

But with online betting, you can add even more excitement to your football weekend. Imagine that you’re not just celebrating a home win of the team, you’re watching. You also have the endorphin release of a positive betting result.  

On the way to your destination, you can sit with your friends and discuss potential bets. At a betting site like Betting.com you can look at potential bets that might have good odds. Often you can come up with great betting ideas if you sit a couple of sports nerds together and talk about potential outcomes of the game. Then you can bring all of your expertise together and maybe compare your betting statistics.  

In some destinations yo can also live bet during the match. Football stadiums like Wembley, Camp Nou, Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium, Santiago Bernabéu, and Allianz Arena offer a Wi-Fi-connection at the stadium. This enables you to do live betting while sitting at the stadium. A lot of stadium visitors experience how they have an increased tactical overview when they sit at the stand. 

Therefore, you might see a good bet, when you are sitting at the stadium and do your personal, tactical analysis. Maybe you start to see how the away team starts to look tired. Then you can place a bet that the home team will score two more goals. 

This opportunity to do live betting on your smartphone will enable you to follow the match in a more concentrated way. You might even feel like a football analyst or agent. Trying to spot parts of the game that don’t seem obvious on the tv. 


Enjoy the Nightlife

After the match you can celebrate your betting results and have a fun night out in the town you are visiting. There’s nothing like a post-match celebration when you have fun based on the adrenaline of a live game. 

Fans of the team will gather and celebrate this highlight of the weekend. And of course, this party will be more fun, if your team has won. So, isn’t it time to plan a football weekend with your friends? According to France Football, one of the world’s leading football magazines, you find the best European stadium atmosphere here


Cultural Immersion

You can make the most of the trip by trying to see as much of the destination as possible. Go sightseeing, book an open top bus tour and really make the most of the trip.

Have you ever been to watch a game in the UK or abroad? Got any recommendations for where to go and which team is best to see? Let us know in the comments section below.