Buckle up it’s going to be a wild ride! Partying till the sun comes up at the famous Full Moon Party and we’ve got more beach days than a shipwrecked pirate.

Feel the local culture, try out the tastiest Thai cuisine, sit back and watch as the sun sets in one of South East Asia’s most popular countries! Will this be the best 16 days of your life? You bet-thai believe it!!


Day 1: Airport Pick Up
Day 2: Cruise Bangkok
Day 3: Massage & Overnight Train
Day 4: Khao Sok Floating Bungalows
Day 6: Muay Thai Lesson
Day 7: Island Boat Trip
Day 8: Island Road Trip And Full Moon Party
Day 9: Relaxation & Massage Day
Day 10: Head To Koh Tao
Day 11: Koh Nang Yuan Day Trip
Day 12: Action/Relaxation
Day 13: Phi Phi Islands
Day 14: Phi Phi Boat Trip
Day 15: Phuket
Day 16: Chilled Checkout