When living in France she researched the most popular and also the cheapest places to study French which she shares below. 


1. Paris

As the most famous, cosmopolitan, trend-setting, and romantic city in France, you will fall in love while studying French in Paris. This city provides you with the perfect combination of history, art, fashion, food, politics, and culture to keep you engaged and learning every minute of every day. Although probably the most expensive destination in the country in terms of accommodation, you really can't not consider Paris.


2. Montpellier

Often overlooked in favour of more well known destinations, Montpellier is a great place to live and study. With pretty architecture, warm weather and over 300 day of sun a year you will fall in love with this city! Beaches are also only 20 mintues away.

The Accent Francais language school who are located in central Montpellier are highly recommended and offer short and long term courses for beginners and more advanced levels.


3. Nice

Study French Nice

The French Riviera provides some of the most scenic views in France, with beautiful beaches along the Mediterranean coast. You can easily travel to other French Riviera cities, including St. Tropez and Cannes. Nice is one of France's most visited cities, attracting four million tourists per year.


4. Rennes

With one-fifth of the population as students, Rennes is famous for being a vibrant student city with excellent schools. As the capital of the Brittany region, Rennes has been rated as the most livable city in France. Students can enjoy several arts, culture, and music festivals, particularly rock music festivals.


5. Lyon

Study French Lyon

Famous for being the gastronomic capital of France and the world, Lyon provides great opportunities for students to learn about French cuisine. Lyon is also one of the business capitals of France, providing excellent internship opportunities for students.


6. Bordeaux

With well-recognized universities and a focus on theater and the arts, Bordeaux is a popular choice for students. Bordeaux is the world's wine industry capital, making the city very attractive for wine connoisseurs.


7. Aix-en-Provence

Study French Provence

With a central location, Aix-en-Provence is popular for students looking to be close to the Alps, the coast, and Mediterranean countries. Aix-En-Provence was once a European Capital of Culture, with several museums, theaters, and rugby clubs to entertain the locals and tourists.


8. Grenoble

Rated as one of Forbes' Most Innovative Cities in the World, Grenoble attracts international students who are keen on studying abroad. It is located at the foot of the Alps, providing students with breathtaking views and adventures.


By Brittany VanderBeek


Where else do you recommend that students go to learn French in France? Feel free to leave your ideas and comments below.


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