Here is our list of lesser-known attractions and alternative things to do in Israel.


1. Biking in Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park

Tel-Aviv is an amazing city with lots of popular activities including realxing at the stunning beach front. For something different go for a walk or hire a bike in the HaYarkon Park.


2. See Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel is a UNESCO world heritage site with over 200 prehistoric caves. Some Israel tours offer trips here, or you can visit independently.


3. Wander Around Florentin

Florentin is an area of Tel Aviv which is quite funky, there is a different kind of vibe and when you walk the streets you will see colourful street art. A lot of people say this area is similar to Brooklyn in New York City.


4. Visit the Hula Valley

The Hula Valley is a spectacular region with natural beauty where you can see lots of different species of birds. This is a great place to escape the cities.


5. Check Out a Museum

There are so many museums available to visit, we recommend the Palmach Museum, the Herzl Museum and the Museum on the Seam. Also this is a great way to escape the outside sun and heat.


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