There are so many things to do in this region and cultural attractions and adventure sports can be discovered and enjoyed by tourists throughout the entire region.

Granada and Seville are the most visited cities in Andalucia due to the almost magical atmosphere that surround them. Another great place to visit in Andalucia is Antequera, a lesser-known treasure of the region that offers incredible experiences to visitors. Setenil and Olvera are the perfect introduction to the picturesque and calm country life of Andalucia’s inhabitants.

The Andalusian region is amazing to explore by land and by water. You can independently rent a kayak and go on an adventure or book an organised tour. These are amazing as they offer a break from the towns and cities where you will see incredible views of the countryside. 

These are the best destinations for adventure waters sports in the Andulucia region:


1. River Palmones

The area around River Palmnones is a protected area renowned for its beauty and also one of the last marshlands in Andalucia.

The wildlife site is home to a variety of bird and animal species and the authorities are trying very hard to conserve this wonderful ecosystem that is so rich and beautiful.

While kayaking on the river, kayakers will be able to admire over 170 bird species that found shelter in the marshland including herons, warders, flamingos and raptors during the migration season and ducks, ospreys, cormorants, gulls and terns in winter.


2. River Guadiaro

Another rare environment in Andalucia, the wetland surrounding River Guadiaro is another favorite destination for some migrant bird species and other bird species including purple herons, flamingos, spoonbills, jack snipes, waders and gulls.

Located in the Strait of Gibraltar, between the estuary of Guadalhorce River and the Palmones River, River Guadiaro offers amazing views for kayakers who paddle their way through its waters.


3. Castellar Reservoir

Located in Parque Natural de los Alcornocales, Castellar Reservoir is a magnificent kayaking and sightseeing destination that is home to a Moorish fortress and a beautiful castle located in a scenic village where visitors can discover the relaxing lifestyle of the locals.

When the weather is sunny and clear, tourists are able to see the African continent from the castle towers and advantage points. Also, the castle provides amazing views of the countryside and the nearby mountains.

The reservoir is situated in an isolated location and in order to reach it visitor need to walk for a while. However, the paths that lead to Castellar Reservoir are peaceful, quiet and they also enable visitors to see some wild animals along the way including turtles, rabbits, deer, otters and many bird species, such as eagles and vultures while they walk towards the splendid kayaking spot.


4. Istan Reservoir

Istan Reservoir is located in Sierra de las Nieves, another national park in Andalucia protected for all its wonderful natural treasures. Home to various species of mammals, amphibians and fish, Istan Reservoir is relaxing destination for kayaking that offers a great experience and amazing scenery.


If you would like to plan a trip to Spain and are looking for an adventure then River Palmones, River Guadiaro, Castellar Reservoir and Istan Reservoir are great destinations for kayaking in Andalucia. There are lots of tours provided by local and international operators who also offer all the necessary equipment for a safe and fun kayaking experience. 


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