5 of the Best Leisure Activities in Spain

5 of the Best Leisure Activities in Spain

One of the most popular sights especially during summer is seeing famous people enjoyingtheir holidays and leisure activities. You might see someone you really admire relaxing on the beaches of Monaco, out on a yacht in Spain or skiing the Swiss Alps and think, “why can't that be me?".

It is definitely true that famous people and their leisure activities dominate the news cycle and capture the imagination. But most of the holidays they go on are accessible to everyone, especially in Spain.

Spain is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Europe and the world with famous facsinating cities, beach resorts, islands and so many sport and outdoor activities.

Here are some of the more popular leisure activites and sports famous people do in Spain and ways that you do too.


1. Sailing in Ibiza

Perhaps one of the most coveted islands in the world, Ibiza needs little introduction. This is also one of the most popular summer holiday destitnationsin the world due to the beaches, relaxing surroundings, clubs and things to do here. While you may not have access to the luxury private stretches of beach and oceanfront properties that the rich and famous do, you still can still enjoy incredible breaks here and get to enjoy some of the most pristine spots in the world. Do a simple search to find just where the best beaches are, rent a yacht or book a tour to experiece the highlights. A trip to the nearby paradise island of Formenterra is a mustt. If you would like to stay longer you might like to apply to work in Ibiza.


2. Golf

if you have a passion for golf you are spoilt for choice for places to play in Spain. Golfing is one of those sports that you will always see famous sports stars doing in their spare time either those who live in Spain or tourists visiting onholiday. Even if you have never been golfing before it doesn't mean that you can't pick up the basics and become an amazing golfer. There are courses throughout Spain, and due to the warm weather you can enjoy playing all year round.  Work on your swing, and make friends and enjoy a new hobby. If you are worried about going alone, search Spain tours - some operators offer group sporting holidays.


3. Shopping

If shopping is your thing, you can find amazing places to shop till you drop in all the major towns and cities in Spain. Some of the best places to go include Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville - here you can find hundreds of local and international brands with shops. There are options for all budgets too. Be sure to learn some basic Spanish phrases before arriving to make shopping easier and more fun.


4. Kitesurfing

If you have never seen people kitesurf up close in person before then it is definitely something that you will be in awe of. Kitesurfing is thrilling, where you can go out into the ocean on a board and with the kite you can travel through the waves and the air at really high speeds! If this sounds like something that you would like doing there are classes that can help get you off the ground in no time!

One top place to learn kitesurfing is the Tarifa Kitesurfing School. Tarifa founder and key teacher Aurelia Herpin can make sure that you have as amazing time and pick up the basics. Once you experienced the thrill of kitesurfing, other sports will pale into insignificance.


5. Cycling

Spain is a really highly rated cycling destination with so many scenic routes. Popular places to go on two wheels include Andalucia, Asturias, Cantabria & the Picos de Europa, The Basque Country, Costa Brava, Calpe, La Rioja and Gironawhich is considered one of the top places in Europe.



These are just a few of the popular leisure activites you can do in Spain. Other options include cycling, rafting and kayaking, horse riding, climbing and mountaineering and skiing and snowboarding. Yes, eventhough most people consider Spain as a summer destination, you really can go skiing and snowboarding in Spain during winter! 


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