Vicky from Reading, UK was placed at a summer camp on the East Coast of the USA. and she sent us a sample routine of her weekly itinerary of what she got up to. This should give you an idea of what to expect from a typical week working as a camp counselor in the USA...



At last I've got more than 5 minutes at the computer so i will try my best to update you on the last 7 days! From campers, activities, free time and sightseeing.



So last Tuesday evening was the usual last night camp fire and then the shack party. Lots more chocolate cake. 



Wednesday was a usual morning with swim lessons etc and then the kids went home in the afternoon. We cleaned up camp and then had a staff ice cream party. meanwhile outside it was extremely heavy rain, and we were all packing up to leave for the 3 days off! I got soaked going to my cabin but managed to get everything and we left camp at about 8.30. 



Thursday was a fab day, all 4 of us plus ruckus's mum and dad went in their 5 seater car to Boston for the day. so the 4 of us were squished in the back but it wasn't too bad as its a typical big American off roader car so big enough!!

We went to quincy market and Fenuil hall. we did lots of shopping. we also went to the Boston museum of science and while there saw a film on coral reefs in the imax cinema. it was cool. Then we went to Harvard university, and i got a hoody there!! And we eventually got home! 



We went to this hot dog place that does huge hot doges. then to EMS which is a camping/outdoor sports shop. i got some new trainers in the sail and a few other bits. camel bought lots of kyakyign stuff and ikea got some more running clothes. 



Somewhere in Massachussettes. We had a fab day, now i want to go somewhere with bigger rapids thought. I ordered a picture from the ones they took of us. I didn't fall out...only when we jumped out to have a swim...and the water was freezing!



Camper incoming day. as usual nothing interesting. i was car parking and then swim testing. We watched the second half of our film (Happy Campers) with the program staff in the evening. Today i had fun. i went to the beach with the surf camp kids so I had a go too!

I kept falling off though! I don't think I'm a surfer dude! And i spent this afternoon doing swim lessons etc. I needed to drag my sleeping bag to sunset as I was staying there because its flash's night off so I have to be here replacement for the night! 


If you would like to sample like in the USA, apply to work at a USA summer camp today.


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