We have put together a monthly timeline for the most amazing festivals and events you should try to do this year. These really are special events you must experience at least once in your life.

You can find options for all interests, whether you want to party all night long, experience a unique cultural tradition or get dressed up and go wild.

Check out our list of essential global festivals & cultural events taking place in 2024 below.



  • World Youth Day, 22nd Jan - 27th Jan, Panama City / Panama
  • Sundance Film Festival, 24th Jan - 3rd Feb, Utah, USA



  • Carnevale di Venezia, 16th Feb - 5th Mar, Venice, Italy
  • Lantern Festival in Taiwan, 19th Feb, Pingxi, Taiwan / China



Rio Carnival, Brazil

Friday, 1st March to Saturday, 9th March

Rio Carnival street party

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - is one of the world's biggest street parties with music, parades and lots of fun. This is the most famous street festival in the world where thousands of people desend on the streets or Rio de Janeiro whic is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Search Rio de Janeiro Carnival tour packages to enjoy the magic of this world renounded event for yourself.


  • Holi, India
  • Las Fallas, Spain
  • St Patrick's Day, global



  • Songkran, 13th Apr - 15th Apr, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Semana Santa, 14th Apr - 21st Apr, Sevilla, Spain
  • King’s Day, 27th Apr - 27-Apr, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Cherry Blossom Festival, South Korea / Japan
  • Easter, 21st April, worldwide



  • Australian Surf Festival, Australia
  • Combat des Raines, Switzerland
  • Waisak, Indonesia
  • Feria de Abril, 5th May - 11th May, Seville, Spain
  • Cannes Film Festival, 15th May - 23rd May, Cannes, France



  • Devil Festival, Venezuela
  • Duanwu, China
  • Boi Bumba, Brazil
  • Glastonbury Festival, 26th Jun - 30th Jun, Glastonbury, United Kingdom
  • San Vino Wine Fight, 29th June, Haro, Spain
  • Roskilde Music Festival, 30th June - 7th July, Denmark



  • Calgary Stampede, Canada
  • Berlin Love Parade, Germany
  • Obon Lantern Festival, Japan
  • Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea



  • La Tomatina, 29th Aug, Bunol, Valencia, Spain
  • Edinburgh Fringe, Scotland
  • Burning Man, 26th Aug - 3rd Sep, Nevada, USA



  • Oktoberfest, 21st Sep – 6th Oct, Munich, Germany
  • La Merca, Barcelona
  • Navratri, India



  • Human Pyramids, Spain
  • Diwali, India
  • Pushkar Camel Festival, India
  • Halloween, global



  • Day of the Dead, Mexico
  • Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand
  • Sky Lantern Festival, Thailand
  • Loy Krathong & Yi Peng, 13th Nov, Chiang Mai, Thailand



  • Whirling Dervishes, Turkey
  • Christmas, worldwide
  • NY Eve, worldwide
  • Hogmanay, 30th Dec – 1st Jan, Edinburgh, Scotland