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Search exciting trips worldwide where you can experience some of the most amazing festivals. There are so many famous festivals around the world, from seeing live music acts, experiencing ancient traditions or just partying and enjoying the culture of a new country you will be sure to find a trip to suit your interests. We list some of the world's leading travel operators who offer trips where you can learn more about foreign cultures and sometimes even take part in local festivals and events.



Popular Popular Festival Tours & Holidays 

We highly recommend seeing carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - this is the world's biggest parties or if you join an island hopping tour in Thailand you might be able to get to see the famous half and full moon parties. There are also lots of alternatives if you are seeking a more laid back cultural experience.

Thailand celebrates the Songkran festival every year with huge water fights taking place throughout the country, you can even join and get involved. In Sri Lanka you can see local people celebrating the Esala Perahera festival where there is music and dances celebrating the new harvest.

Europe has some of the biggest music and cultural festivals in the world which include Germany's Octoberfest. In Spain you could experience the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, take part in Tomatina tomato throwing festival or witness the San Juan festival around the time of summer solstace. The Venice carnival is very different to most festivals and the setting is hard to match, or if you are into cuisine you might enjoy tasting the local treats at the Croatian truffle festival.

Asia has numerous events throughout the year and you might want to plan a holiday to India, this is a fascinating country full of colour and you might want to see the Desert and Pushkar Camel Festivals which occurs in Rajasthan in the North of the country. Mongolia is an off the beaten track destination and here you can see locals riding horses and wrestling as part of the Naadam festival.

In Africa you can get to see first hand some ancient traditions and festivals which will be unlike anything you have seen before. If you visit Ethiopia at the right time you can see Timkat or the Meskel festivals both very colourful with smiling people and events. Ghana has the cultural festival of Ashanti Akwasidae where you will be able to move to the rhythm of the beating drum and music.

These are just a few of the festivals available worldwide, view our featured tours and holidays where you can get to experience some of these magical festivals for yourself.





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