This is one of the most amazing adventures in the world, and one of the best places to visit in Peru.

In this article Rafael Rodrigues shares his top 5 things you should know before climbing Machu Pichu...


1. The Porters are Incredible

Peruvian porters are the hardest working people on the mountain.

These guys will pretty much pick you up when you are down, they will leave camp after you and arrive before you, they will carry your bags, tents and other bits of equipment.

Porters will completely go out of their way to make sure you are happy and safe. You will be able to focus on walking, or even singing and dancing all the way to the top and get help and support throughout the experience. 


2. Altitude Sickness

Things to know before climbing Machu Picchu

Altitude sickness can be huge problem that affects travellers in Peru, this occurs when you climb to a high altitude too quickly.

Symptons can include exhaustion, confusion, headaches, feeling dizzy and being sick. The higher you go on route to Machu Pichu you are likely to get worse.

Please note this does not affect everyone but its best to read up on it before departing.


3. Bring Plenty of Water Neutralizing Tablets

If you have treated your water with chlorine tablets then you will be left with a horrible taste of swimming pool water because of the chlorine.

You might find it very hard to even want to drink water tasting like that but neutralizing tablets will take the swimming pool taste away completely, not packing these will be one of your biggest regrets!


4. Learn Basic Spanish

Most of the local porters and guides are Peruvian and English is not their first language so communication can be difficult.

I highly recommend learning Spanish and speaking at least the basics with your porters and guides can actually be quite fun.

There is the option to book Spanish courses in Peru which are cheap and available to join all year round. You could also check out phrases online or buy a guidebook.


5. The Best Adventure Awaits

Trekking to Machu Picchu really is incredible and is easily the most amazing thing I've ever done. You will get memories to last a lifetime! Search Peru budget tours today and start planning your adventure.



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