Plan a Gap Year to Peru

Gap Year in Peru

Peru will definitely appeal if you are keen to explore South America, this is a very easy destination to visit as no visas are needed before arriving for most passport holders. There are a lot of different programs and experiences available all year round and you can expect lots of culture, history, tradition, a diverse culture, a great mix of international travellers.

Peru has some of the best tourists sights in the world, must visit destinations include Lake Titicaca, the ancient city of Cusco, Sacred Valley and the Misti Volcano. You could also go and see the Nazca Lines or climb the ancient route to Machu Picchu - we list gap year programs for students, career breakers and also a range of adventure trips to ignite your wanderlust. 

As a backpacker you can stick to the well troden 'gringo trail' or head off the beaten track. This country might not strike you as a beach destination but you can relax on stunning beaches which are some of the best in South America where you can just relax or even learn to surf. 


Best Things to Do on a Gap Year in Peru