This is exactly what drew Reef Choudhury in, but upon arrival, she fast realised that Zanzibar has so much more to offer.


1. The Beaches

Zanzibar has some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa and the world.

The pristine white sand and warm Indian Ocean beaches, along with the picture perfect weather make for the perfect spot to relax.

Whether you’re a sun worshipper or into water sports, you will find so many ways to completely unwind and enjoy Zanzibar’s shores.


2. Cuisine

Zanzibar is a seafood lovers paradise. Have your pick from whole fishes grilled on an open fire, giant prawns and to-die-for crab claws! I adore seafood and the fresh and inexpensive seafood that Zanzibar is known for made this island my heaven! 

If you do decide choose Zanzibar as your next travel destination, then in addition to the above you should also pay a visit to Stone Town. Sure it's a little touristy, but it's also super pretty with its alleys and you can also enjoy brightly coloured tamarind drinks (where else can you have these?!) 


3. Swimming with Dolphins

This is a must in Zanzibar. With an expert guide with you, you can swim with wild untamed bottled-nose and humpback dolphins in the warm waters of Zanzibar. This is a super special experience. 


4. Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

Zanzibar Swimming and Scuba Diving

With its stunning coral reefs and more than 350 fish species and diverse aquatic life, including frequent sightings of turtles and dolphins, Zanzibar is amongst the most spectacular in the world for scuba diving and snorkelling. 


5. Red Colobus Monkeys

Red Colobus Monkeys in Zanzibar

If you're big on wildlife and animals, then Prison Island should make up some of your itinerary - an island inhabited by giant tortoises - some up to 300 years old!

On a Zanzibar tour you can also discover the rare and very photogenic red colobus monkeys which are indigenous to the Jozani Forest. 

By Reef Choudhury


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