Travel to Tanzania

Tanzania is a country that offers perhaps the greatest diversity of things to do in Africa.

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  • Capital: Dodoma (Population: 325,000 approx)
  • Currency: Tanzanian shilling (TZS) $1 =1,623TZS / £1 = 2,540TZS 
  • Population: 37,000,000 (approx)
  • Language: English + local languages
  • Area: 950,000 sq km (approx)
  • International Calling Code +255
  • Climate: Tanzania has a dry and wet season
  • Transport: We recommend booking private bus transport for Kenya, local transport can be unreliable / unsafe
  • Tourist Visa: Most nationalities can gain a tourist visa on arrival


Weather & Best Time to Visit Tanzania

The most popular peak time for tourists is July and August but Tanzania is a year round destination and you can have just a good time throughout the year. If you are looking to book a break to Tanzania we recommend visiting during the wildebeest migration from December to May, this time of the year more than any other you will stand a good chance of seeing exotic animals like lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards and rhinoceros’. Each month offers something different and you are gauranteed to see animals and wildlife anytime. 


Travelling & Backpacking in Tanzania


Tanzania is one of the best countries to visit in Africa due to the spectacular nature, exotic wildlife and culture - there are over 100 tribal groups living here. Tanzania has a rich history with Indian, Arabian, and African influences, most international flights arrive into Dodoma which is a good base to explore the country and get away from the city life. 

There are lots of places to consider visiting including the beautiful island of Zanzibar, the Jozani Forest, Prison Island and dolphin spotting in the spectacular Indian Ocean. If you are going for the whole experience try to sample the local food, people in Tanzania love ugali (a type of corn mash), koranga (a watery beef stew), pilau rice with an extra dish like meat or vegatables and also seafood like fish. Tanzania is also home to some of the largest national parks in Africa making this one of the best wildlife holiday destinations in the world. 

Tanzania is an incredibly diverse country with many different tribes living there including the famous Masaai, you will have one of the best experiences of your life here. 


Best Places to Visit in Tanzania

Here are some of the incredible destinations you should add to your Tanzania itinerary:

  • Arusha National Park
  • Gombe Stream National Park
  • Katavi National Park
  • Lake Manyara National Park
  • Lake Nyasa
  • Lake Tanganyika
  • Lake Victoria
  • Mahale Mountains National Park
  • Mikumi National Park
  • Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Ngorongoro Crater / Ngorongoro Conservation Area
  • Olduvai Gorge
  • Ruaha National Park
  • Selous Game Reserve
  • Serengeti National Park
  • Tarangire National Park
  • Udzungwa Mountains National Park
  • Yhe Kondoa Rock Art Sites which are a Unesco World Heritage Site and consist of ancient cave drawings which are over 2000 years old


Popular Cities to Visit

Dar es Salaam:
Not the most spectacular city in the world but chances are you will pass through here, there are lots of gardens, shops, museums and beaches

The capital of Tanzania and there are lots of excursions which can be arranged here

Located in Northern Tanzania and is the gateway to the country, we recommend going to climb Mt Meru

A place where you can join various excursions


Tanzania Travel Tips

Visit Zanzibar and relaxing and pure white sandy beaches, expect hot weather almost all year round. The Ngorongoro Crater is spectacular and there is also the opportunity to see wildlife here. No trip to Tanzania would be complete with a visit to the Serengeti National Park which is home to some of the best wildlife in Africa. Floating around Lake Victoria and seeing birds and other animals. There are lots of National Parks you could visit in Tanzania, we recommend the Tarangire National Park

Health & Safety:
One of the questions we ofen get asked is how safe is Tanzania to visit. You are very unlikely to encounter and problems but like in any destination you will need to be more cautious in the larger cities where petty theft can be an issues. To prevent this try not to flash expensive valuables in public. Tanzania is an incredibly hot destination so be prepared for this, try to pack and dress light. Living conditions and local infrastructure can also be basic so pack accordinly. If you sign up for a structured holiday through our website you will usually get 24/7 support so you can relax and just enjoy the experience. 

We recommend trying to learn some basic Swahili phrases and learning more about the culture of the country.