Of course backpacking and travelling the world should be exciting, there are so many amazing gap year destinations and things to do around the world.

But what if you have no one to go with? Should you even go at all?

Here are ten reasons why you should take the deep breath and go for that gap year adventure by yourself, it might just turn into the greatest decision you ever made. 


1. The Chance to Meet New People

When preparing to do on a date or meeting someone for the first time, the thought of wondering whether there’ll be any socially awkward moments may come into your head.

When you travel, the chances of that happening are low; whether meeting couples or fellow solo travellers, you’re all there for similar purposes and experiences.

The opportunity to meet and have fun with people you’ve never socialised with before will always be there. This is also the case when mixing with the locals, who most of the time would be happy to find out about your cultural background as much as you would like to learn theirs. 

There are so many gap year programs and group tours you can do where you won't be by yourself too, these are perfect to give a trip structure. For example volunteering abroad you will work alongside people from all over the globe.


2. Financial Freedom – Do What You Want & When You Want 

Ever worry about where and how to spread on your budget on others? In this case, you’ll be free from that concern. Whatever money you’ve saved is for you and to what you solely desire. You can also apply for gap year jobs if you want to earn money to fund your travels.


3. Opportunity to Learn About You

While away, you’ll encounter things you’ve never thought you’d ever do and achieve.

The first being when you’ve made it to the outbound country of your choice – You did it, you’re there! You will probably find that your ability to take more chances will progress, no matter how small or terrifying; whether it’s simply taking the public transport, trying new foods, taking part in an extreme sport or a general exploration out into the countryside of your destination. 


4. Don’t Think, Just Do – No Limits 

There are risks in everything you do and where ever you go, so why hold yourself back? While away, you will probably find to be too busy to worry and just do whatever you’ve planned or anything that spontaneously you decide to do. This will get easier, your confidence will grow and the experiences will be limitless. 


5. You’re There!

Ever thought of a place, country or continent you’ve always wanted to see but felt you were held back because of certain reasons? Perhaps your friends or no-one else would take that trip with you? Well you no longer need to have that on your mind either – you’re where you want to be; go ahead and thank yourself for that. 


6. You Become Assertive with Your Decisions

The knowing you’ve just travelled thousands of miles away, crossed oceans and continents, gives the reminder that you’re able to make risky decisions and retrieve positive affirmations because of those decisions. This in addition gives you a clearer mind set of what you want and what you want to do with your life. You’re also assertive in how you’re going to get what you’re looking for but set on achieving it. 


7. You Become More Adventurous 

Ever wanted to skydive? Climb that mountain? Or scuba dive into some of the deep waters of the world? When you return, your comfort zone isn’t what it once was. In fact, it’s grown and you will want to expand it even more so, only this time, there’s a high possibility that you won’t be thinking twice doing it. 


8. Fear No More? Possibly

Since you’ve overcome your fear of travelling solo, you might just find that any other anxieties you may have had before your trip have now disappeared. Seeing that you may have also gone somewhere amongst the most deadly of creatures and found yourself living to tell the tale; then depending where you reside from, that bug in the corner of the room doesn’t seem so intimidating anymore. 


9.  You Want to Do It All Again & More

You’ve done it once, now you’ll be eager to get back on that plane. “The world in 80 days” might just sound like the best thing to do. 


10. The New You 

Overall, there are so many reasons to take a gap year and whether you’ve gained or lost some tendencies, you will have returned as a brand new version of yourself.

You will find you’ve grown as an individual and with your new risk-taking persona; any doubts you may have once had will lessen and replaced with positive prospects that will influence your life for the better; whether adventurous, socially and/or psychologically.


By Sebastian Watson