Amazing Things to Do When Travelling in 2018

Amazing Things to Do When Travelling in 2018

Travelling the world is an experience that will change you. It’s not as scary or as life threatening as we tell each other it is. You’ll meet new people, fall in love with new cultures, and collect enough crazy stories to last you a lifetime. If you’re about to bark on your life changing adventure or need ideas and inspiration for your trip, we have put together some top suggestions.

Here are a few things to do on the road that will make your trip even more amazing...


1. Book An Adventure Tour

Small Group Adventure Tours Abroad

Traveling independently can be amazing, but sometimes it can be lonely and you can miss out on things. By booking a group adventure tour will get to visit new destinations, learn about the history, eat and drink in recommended local restaurants, meet new people and get taken to the best sights. You will also have a lot of fun and get a stress free experience.

Search trips by destination:


2. Carnival in Brazil

Experience one of the most magical street parties in the world by booking a Rio de Janeiro Carnival Package! Join thousands of people from all around the world to experience the vibrant atmosphere, music and dances which make this one of the greatest fun things to do in the world.


3. See Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu really is one of the most amazing places in the world, so why not go see it? There are lots of Machu Picchu trips available to join all year round, make sure you book early thought as spaces fill up quick.


4. Help Wildlife

Passionate about animals? Or like the idea of going to help conservation efforts? There are so many incredible volunteer programs with animals abroad. You will get to learn more about different species, meet inspirational people, get amazing photos and enjoy one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Popular options include:


5. Try Something Scary

Doing something scary and new is a great way to help you remember your trip. It doesn’t matter how dangerous it is as long as it’s something you wouldn’t think of doing normally. You’re not looking to put your life in danger. You’re looking to find a story to tell. It could be kayaking or as big as sky diving! Travelling is all about new experiences and the scary experiences are the first ones you’ll tell your friends about when you get back.


6. Contribute to Community Development Initiatives

There are so many opportunities to lend a hand while you’re travelling. Doing a bit of charity work here and there can sometimes turn a less than perfect trip into something brilliant and it doesn’t do any harm to leave a trail of good deeds in your wake. You could take part in volunteering programs to help people, building and construction projects, NGOs and the environment. You could meet some amazing people when you’re doing good and help change some lives.


7. Improve Your Language Skills

Learning a new language can open up a whole world of opportunities and make the whole traveling experience easier. By knowing a few basic words and phrases it can really help you get around, book accommodation and also make new friends. There are so many options, you could book a Spanish course in Spain, a Portuguese courses in Brazil or a Russian course in Russia


8. Sample Local Cuisines

Never leave a location without trying the local food. Rather that eat at the five star restaurants that the travel guide recommended to you, choose somewhere that is authentically local. Visit the small family restaurants and street vendors. Ask the locals for recommendations and never turn down an opportunity to try a delicacy or a home cooked meal. Keep an open mind and you might discover that you’re a lot more adventurous than you thought you were. 


9. Get TEFL Certified

Taking a TEFL certification course opens up a whole world of opportunities, the main one getting a worldwide recognised qualification to taech English abroad. There are classroom courses available to take in the UK, Europe and worldwide. You can even take an online TEFL course and study from anywhere in the world.


11. Train to Become a Safari Guide

Looking for a totally different career path? Book a safari guide course and become a qualified field guide in Africa. This is an incredible job where you will get to lead tours to see the amazing exotic animals helping people to have holidays of a lifetime.


12. Work Abroad

If you like the idea of going to work abroad there are so many different jobs available, a lot of which do not require any previous experience. You can find summer jobs abroad or year round positions where you will get to live in a different country and make money to fund further travels. Popular placements include:


13. Learn to Scuba Dive

Never been scuba diving? What are you waiting for? You can book dive courses in so many destinations worldwide, from short taster sessions to longer PADI certification courses.


14. Sample Local Cuisines

Never leave a location without trying the local food. Rather that eat at the five star restaurants that the travel guide recommended to you, choose somewhere that is authentically local. Visit the small family restaurants and street vendors. Ask the locals for recommendations and never turn down an opportunity to try a delicacy or a home cooked meal. Keep an open mind and you might discover that you’re a lot more adventurous than you thought you were. 


15. Become a Travel Writer

Learn more information about becoming a travel writer for One World 365.


16. Get Lost

Getting lost is one of the best ways to get an in depth look at what there is to see. Of course, you shouldn’t just wander into the wilderness without a map, but if you’re in a city or town forgo the taxi for a day and talk a walk. Go where the mood takes you. You never know what sort of interesting things you’ll find hidden in away in the places that the guidebook doesn’t talk about. Of course, you should still keep safety in mind, but over planning where you go and when can deny you a lot of great experiences. 


17. Visit an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

One of the most magical experiences on our list is to visit an elephant sanctuary. You will get to get close to beautiful elephants in an ethical surrounding where elephants are free from harm. View our guide to the best elephant sancturies in Thailand.


18. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

Looking for the ultimate challege? Search Mount Kilimanjaro tours and embark on the ultimate experience of your life.


19. Improve Lives of Refugees

Join a volunteer program with refugees and help others in need.


20. Become a Ski or Snowboard Instructor

Book a place on a ski instructor course and start a new job working at some of the best ski resorts in the world.


21. Study or Intern Abroad

Why would I want to study or join an internship when travelling we here you ask? Well, there are so many placements available where you can boost your learning and help your future career.


22. Take Lots of Photographs

You can never have enough photographs and a once in a lifetime trip should never be forgotten. Get a good quality but small camera. That way you can easily carry it around while you travel and can whip it out to snap a pic at any time. Take pictures of anything and everything. Also, don’t just take photographs of the scenery. Although the scenery is beautiful the photographs you’re going to treasure the most are the ones of friends and family. You could book a photography holiday where you will get to take pictures with locals and your your new travel buddies. Make silly faces and don’t worry that your face is sweaty and your hair is greasy. You’re going to be grateful to have those embarrassing photographs when you get back. 


23. Become a Kung Fu Master in Asia

Ever done any martial arts? Or keen to learn? Book a martial arts course abroad! Okay you be able to become the next Bruce Lee but you will get to do something healthy, improve your confidence and learn some great self defense and martial arts skills.


24. Book a Gap Year Trip

There are short and long term gap year trips and programs available every month.


25. Don't Go Home

If you have a desire to be more than just a tourist then you might want to consider applying to work abroad or taking a gap year. There are jobs all over the world which can be applied for in-advance on once in your preferred destination. You will get to immerse yourself in a new culture, make money and see spectacular sights in your spare time. Popular options include taking a TEFL certification course and teaching English abroad, working in Australia, becoming a safari guide in Africa or applying for hotel jobs.



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