There are lots of important things to know before arriving which can help you to settle and get a greater understanding of what it is like to experience living in Israel as a foreigner.

Check out our list of things to consider and also expect when moving to Israel.


1. Every Location is Different

Israel may be a small country on a map, but there are so many different places you can live which offer such a different experience.

Jerusalem is a very conservation and religious city to live compared to other cities in the country like Tel Aviv which is more youthful and liberal.

The general atmosphere, youthful vibe and nightlife in Tel Aviv is incredible. This city has some of the best social activities in the world with lots of bars, cafes and restaurants. You will find people here very open and also more left wing view points.

There are also lots of rural and coastal places to live which offer a much more relaxing style of life. Check out our top places to see in Israel.


2. Israel Can Be Expensive

Rents, buying a flat/house, food, going out and the general cost of living in high compared to other worldwide destinations.

It really depends to where you arrive from though to how you find the prices though. You will find more popular places like Tel Aviv more expensive than lesser known places.


3. The Food is Delicious

Tel Aviv Food

Cuisine in Israel is really tasty if you open your mind to new things as at first it can be a bit of a culture shock. The fresh hummus and seafood is very tasty.


4. Crime is Low

Despite political turbulence in the Middle East and recent conflicts with Palestine and nearby countries the day to day living situation in Israel is very safe. There are isolated incidents but it is really not as bad as you might think by just watching the news.


5. Employment Prospects

If you would like to work in Israel you can find seasonal-jobs-working-holidays in most industries. Whether you are seeking temporary gap year seasonal-jobs-working-holidays in Israel, or want a long term career you can find lots of positions, a lot of which are advertised online. If you are lacking experience there are also paid internships in Israel especially in the larger cities.


6. There are Incredible Places to See

There are so many incredible places to see in Israel and there are options for all interests and budgets. You will get to experience world famous ancient historical sights, amazing places to add to your itinerary include The Old Town of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, The Dead Sea, Haifa Gardens, Eliat and The Golan Heights.


7. Society is Segregated

Despite improvements in safety and integration Israel is still a very divided country where different religious and backgrounds do not mix freely, this is especially noticeable in the education system.

You will find local people friendly although it can be different to integrate into certain social situations especially if you are from a different religion or background.

If you are open to studying in Israel you might like to book a Hewbrew language course in Israel.


8. There is Lots to Do

As a new coming to Israel you will never be bored as there are so many places to see and things to do.

A lot of new foreigners to the country join tours of Israel which allow you to discover the highlights of the country with an experience local guide. If you are looking for a rewarding experience you could apply to volunteer in Israel to help communities and charities.

There is also the option to volunteer in Palestine which will be an eye opening experience. For adventure activities you could head to Eliat for water sports or scuba diving.


9. Travel to Nearby Countries Can be Difficult

When you ste foot in Israel you will get a stamp on your passport with the date you arrived. This can make it difficult to travel to other countries in the region as Israeli nationals, and sometimes people who visit Israel are banned from several countries located nearby. You will also find flights to other destinations from Israel quite expensive too.


10. Hitchhiking is Common

If you are looking to see more of the country on a budget you will find hitchhiking is a popular way to get around. Although in a lot of worldwide destinations this is deemed unsafe or a bad idea, in Israel you will find lots of people do it as a way of getting around.