Apply to Volunteer with Gorillas

Keen to volunteer with animals abroad? You will love the rewarding experience helping gorillas.

Usually you will not get hands on programs, you will usually be involved with helping out at wildlife sancturies doing genral duties. You will also get to help local charities and the amazing work they do in local communities. Education and awareness is a big part of these programs, its vital local people get involved and try to stop things like poaching.

The more local people can be informed about conservation efforts the better chance these amazing creatures stand a chance of surviving in the wild. Some programs include letting local people and school children watch films and gorillas to show them the dangers the wildlife is facing and how they can help. 


Popular Destinations to Help

Most gorilla programs are located in Africa:


Other Options

There are also lots of tours of Africa where you can travel and help mountain gorillas, a tour company we promote on our website - Oasis Overland love the work that has been done by 'Gearing Up For Gorillas' and support them. If you are interested in visiting the mountain gorillas take a look at Oasis Overland's 19-day Gorillas and Gameparks trip which is an amazing journey taking you to visit the mountain gorillas in Rwanda / Uganda.

You could also help mountain gorillas from home by raising much needed money which is then spend on things like equipment and training for rangers to protect these wild animals. These are really amazing programs, watch our for charity fundraisers in places like the UK too.


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