How to Volunteer in Rwanda

Our website is the ultimate package for volunteering in Africa, you will get to make a social impact whilst enjoying the nature, natural beauty and culture of Rwanda.

This will be an eye opening educational experience for you too, we find it hard to believe you have ever visited a country like this before! You can expect local people to be very friendly and open to you, people are keen to move on with their lives and improve the country after the harrowing 1994 genocide in the country.

Apply and enable yourself to truly experience the diversity of this special destination. You will also get to share this incredible experience with other people, most organisations offer group programs so you will be working with locally employed staff which helps boost the local economy and also international participants from all around the world.


Location of Projects

Placements can be joined in places like the capital Kigali, Gitarma and also more rural locations where help is needed most. You might also like to view our Uganda volunteer or Tanzania volunteer pages.


Community Development Programs

Shockingly 45% of people in Rwanda live below the poverty line and much work is needed to help, and because of the genocide around 80% of the population is below the aged of 35! There are water and food shortages, and because of a changing climate agriculture is being affected which many people depend on for work. 

Education, teaching, training, feeding, building and construction programs are available to join all year round. Large international charities like VSO and also local non-profits and NGO's have been working to improve life for people in Rwanda over the past decade.

There are also placements avilable for medical professionals to join, so if you work in healthcare e.g. doctor, nurse, dentist etc you can help local people. Around 250,000+ people are thought to be infected with HIV and Aids and medical assistance is desperately needed.


Teaching Programs in Rwanda

There are skilled placements for teachers and professionals who have the skills to help advance the country, education is key to building a bettter future and you could help train local teachers or actually work in classrooms.

Joining a volunteer teaching project in Rwanda will be one of the most rewarding and worthwhile experiences of your life, you will be able to work with smiley happy children and be able to make a small impact on their lives.

Creativity is welcomed and if you are already working in this area this will be a benefit. You could be placed at a school, community centre, orphanage or outreach project.


Conservation & Wildlife Projects

Work with the environment and help animals or help farmers and local communities build facilities to help grow crops and get clean water.



What to Expect
Days can are hot and humid, this country is sunny almost all year round! You will usually work around 4-8 hours per day 5 days per week with weekends ane evenings off.

Some cultural exchanges also include a home stay where you can live with a local family and enjoy good-humored hospitality. There are also shared housing available where you will live with other international participants.

No previous experience is required for general placements unless working in a skilled area e.g. medicine and healthcare. You must be able to work as part of a team, have a strong interest in development and be open to living in rustic conditions. Usual minimum age limit is 18 years old


How to Book

Sign up for a new voyage and view our featured organisations in Rwanda today who will put you on the path to a really remarkable experience. Some of the best volunteer organiations charge a sign up fee, on these placements you usually get a structured experience including

  • Airport pick-up and transfer to project
  • All food and accommodation
  • Training materials and science equipment
  • Pre-departure support and services
  • Comprehensive training necessary for research techniques
  • 24-hour in-country support

There are also free and low cost opportunities with local NGO's but you might want to make a donation to help projects operate.