Airline Cabin Crew Jobs

Airline Cabin Crew Jobs

Looking to travel the world and get paid? Consider applying to work as cabin crew for airlines around the world. You can find cabin crew jobs in the UK and abroad and we have put together a guide to getting cabin crew work with information about how to apply, salary expectations, recommended recruiters and top tips for landing a dream job.


Top Reasons to Apply

Airline cabin crew jobs

There are so many benefits or working for an airline, including:

  • See the world
  • You will get to make new friends from all over the world
  • Some airlines offer free/cheap accommodation to employees
  • Gain experience in a unique working environment
  • Learn new skills and advance your career


What to Consider Before Applying

  • Cabin crew jobs are highly sought after positions, don't be dissapointed if you apply to an airline and you don't hear back and keep applying 
  • You might be required to attend a series of interviews and assessment days to see if you are suitable
  • When you first gain employment you will need to go through training and a probationary period 
  • Working as part of an international cabin crew is a lot of fun, but also exhausiting. It isn't all jetsetting and sightseeing, you will be required to work long hours
  • Jetlag can be an issues especially on long haul flights
  • You will need to decide if you would like to work short-haul or long-haul flights



You will need to be friendly, outgoing and be personable. To get hired you will usually need to go through a thorough application process including interviews, open days and training.


Top Tips for Getting Hired

  • Take a cabin crew course - although you are not guaranteed a position on completion, it will help you stand out from the crowd
  • Learn a new language, airlinss generally hire staff who can speak more than one language
  • Don't rush your application and make yours stand out
  • Make a good first impression at a face to face interview, communication and team work just be emphasised


Where to Seek Employment

Most airlines hire staff online on a recruitment section of their website. 


Career Prospects

Most airlines offer improved salaries, positions and career development opportunities. If you ever wanted a career change to do something different then having the experience of customer service and airline crew on your CV will help you build another career. 


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