Top Tips for Flying Long Haul to Australia

Top Tips for Flying Long Haul to Australia

Travelling to Australia will probably be one of the longest experiences of you life and if you are prepared then you can combat all the negatives that come with travelling this long haul journey. Karyn Hicks has done this journey and she shares her top tips and advice that you should find useful while travelling this journey. 


1. Try to Upgrade

If you can afford the airfare upgrade to business class as most scheduled airlines give you a flat bed in business class. I know it sounds silly to say that if you’re travelling on a budget and want to keep things as cheap as possible. But some airlines do fantastic deals on business class seats if you book at the right time. Having done the journey to Australia in economy myself, one thing I wish I had done was save up the extra money for a seat with a flatbed.


2. Pack Essentials

In your carry on luggage carry with you a) a toothbrush and toothpaste and b) baby-wipes to freshen up (Some airlines will provide this in your comfort pack). 


3. Keep Active

Get up from your seat regularly and walk around the cabin as it isn’t good for you to stay in your seat for too long and also you end up with a numb bum when sitting too long. It’s not a myth that if you stay in the same position for too long you are at risk of a condition called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT for short). It’s very serious and can be fatal, but you can look after yourself on board and decrease the risk. If you get up out of your seat every hour and walk round the cabin and stretch your muscles the risk is greatly lessened. Normally on the flight there will be some sort of well being channel on the in flight entertainment system which will give you various exercises that you can also do in your seat.


4. Wear Comfortable Clothing

You’re going to on the aircraft for a good twelve hours before you have a stopover so you need to make sure you’re comfortable. I would say jeans would be a big no no. I’d suggest loose fitting clothing for both men and women.


5. Take Warm Clothes on Board

Even though you’ll be flying to Australia the temperature at 36,000 ft doesn’t compare, it gets cold especially if you’re seated at an emergency exit door. The cabin temperature is controlled by the cabin crew, so you can asked for it to be turned up but bear in mind, they go with the majority so if you’re cold while many others are warm the temperature will stay lowered. 


6. Take a Change of Clothes 

Again you’re going to be on the aircraft for a good twelve hours before you have a stopover so it may make you feel more comfortable to change clothing so you feel a bit fresher for your next leg of the journey or for when you arrive at your destination.


7. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water and fruit juices during the flight is the best idea as alcohol and coffee will only dehydrate you further.


8. DO NOT Put Important Items in the Seat Pocket in Front of You

It’s ok for books, magazines etc things that you wouldn’t necessarily mind losing or leaving behind. Being an airport worker myself the amount of phones, Ipads, keys and other essential items that I see left in the seat pockets is amazing and people have no idea their missing until they get to baggage reclaim and by that time they can’t go back to reclaim them. You then have to wait until a staff member is available to bring it to you.


9. Consider a Stopover

Now as someone who has done the journey to Australia in the one go and also breaking it up in between, I’d definitely recommend having a stopover. Now depending which airline you choose to travel with dictates where you can stop. There are so many choices: Hong Kong, Doha, Dubai, Bangkok, and Abu Dhabi. If you can afford the stopover I’d say go for it, it’s another destination you’d get to explore en route. 


By Karyn Hicks



Tips for Flying Long Haul to Australia

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