Why Work as a Watersports Instructor

There are so many reasons why you might want to start a career in the watersports industry including:

  • Meet like-minded people from a variety of backgrounds
  • Positions are a lot of fun and usually is spectacular locations in the great outdoors 
  • Learn new skills and get a challenging and rewarding experience
  • Gain experience, add skills to your CV and progress a career


Where Can You Work

You can find seasonal-jobs-working-holidays all around the world, popular places to work include the UK, Europe (France, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia) and worldwide (the USA). Some positions are short term, a lot of centres hire staff for summer seasonal-jobs-working-holidays whilst other centres need to fill year round vacancies. You could apply to work at a summer camp which is a lot of fun temporary job.



Most companies require staff to be aged at least 16+, be hardworking, opening to working in new environments, be friendly, motived and eager to learn.



Most companies offer competative staff packages incudling:

  • Monthly salary
  • Free food and accommodation 
  • Travel to and from your centre - (France)
  • Training courses and career guidance
  • Day(s) off/ evenings off 
  • Paid holiday 
  • Equipment usage
  • Staff uniform



What you get paid really depends on the role, your experience, the company and the location. Some salaries can be low compared to professional careers but there are so many added benefits for example free accommodation is usually included.