Spa & Beauty Jobs

There are a range of beauty, hair, massage therapist and general health spa jobs in the UK and all around the world. Search jobs and recruiters today.



Types of Jobs 

Are you looking to work at a spa or as a beauty therapist? If you are currently training, or already a qualified in the area of health, massage therapy, occupational and physical therapy, hair and beauty there are lots of options for you if you would like to work abroad. There are lots of summer, winter and seasonal positions at local and international hotels, resorts and health spas around the world which hire international staff throughout the year. Short and long term contracts abroad in hair and beauty are available. If you have a passion for travel and would like to live abroad and see the world you might want to consider working on a cruise ship.



Courses & Work Experience

Beauty therapist training courses can help you gain practical hands on work experience if you are considering training as a beauty therapist. Courses can be a great way to start a beauty therapist career as you will gain experience providing beauty therapies, facial treatments, waxing, skin care, massaging and nail manicures just to name a few aspects. Training courses can help can land a job in a health care career, maybe as a holistic beauty therapist on in the industry. You could also apply to join an internship.



Popular Places to Work

If you would like to utilse your skills and discover living in a new country, popular places to work include the UK, Australia New Zealand, USA and also popular holiday destinations like France and Spain.



Role & What to Expect

Your position and daily routine can vary depending on the recruiter and hired role.

You will usually be working in a specific area, for example, as a massage therapist, but then also helping with other aspects As well as working in a spa or operating a mobile service, staff will be expected to muck in with regular resort staff for things like welcome meetings, resort set up duties and changeover days.




The salary and benefits really varies depending on the company. A lot of employers offer accommodation for free.




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