Gap Years, Backpacking & Travelling in Denmark

Denmark is a popular destination with pretty cities, relaxing towns and also lots of things to see and do. The country is surrounded by the ocean and there are lots of activities available to join in places like Copenhagen. Denmark oftens gets voted as having the happiest population in the world, why not book a break and experience this country for yourself.


Denmark Travel Ideas, Gap Year Programs & Experiences

Find inspiration for the best things to do in Denmark if you would like to go travelling, backpacking or take a gap year.

Denmark Travel Guide

Denmark Travel Guide

Get information, ideas and inspiration for visting Denmark.

  • Capital: Copenhagen
  • Government: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
  • Currency: Danish Krone (DKK) - If you are looking to be travelling on a budget then Denmark isn't the cheapest destination and isn't part of the Euro so prepare for this.
  • County Size: 43,094km²
  • Population: 5,475,000 (approx)


Best Places to Visit in Denmark

These are places you should try to add to your Denmark travel itinerary:

  • Copenhagen
  • Aarhus
  • Odense
  • Aalborg
  • Råbjerg Mile
  • Skagen
  • Rubjerg Knot (Rubjerg Knude)
  • White Cliffs of Møn (Møns Klint)
  • Mols Bjerge National Park
  • Jægersborg Deer Park
  • Fur Island, Limfjorden
  • Rold Forest (Rold Skov)
  • The Lake Highlands (Søhøjlandet)
  • Moaning Bay (Jammerbugten)
  • The Wadden Sea (Vadehavet)
  • Anholt
  • The South Funen Archipelago
  • North Bornholm and The Hammer
  • Hindsholm
  • Lille Vildmose
  • Tystrup-Bavelse Lakes
  • The Smålandshavet Archipelago
  • Ertholmene
  • Svanninge Bakker


Denmark Gap Year

You will really enjoy visiting this relaxing Scandanavian country on a gap year. You could go sightseeing in Copenhagen, ride a bike, visit the Carlsberg factory, head to the coast, stay longer and work or join a tour. There is no best time to visit Denmark although summer draws the most tourists. You might want to attend the biggest rock festival in Europe, Roskilde, or if you are seeking culture the Copenhagen Carnival or the Aarhus Jazz Festival will appeal to you


Denmark Budget Travel Tips

Denmark is a very expensive destination to visit but there are ways to keep your costs down. Here are our top recommendations:

  • Try book accommodation in advance
  • Eat locally or buy food at supermarkets
  • Use public transport

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