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Norwich is a city located in the East of England and is the perfect destination to take a cheap TEFL course and a good alternative to places like getting tefl certifications in London, Oxford ord Cambridge. Norwich is only a few hours away from London by train and used to be known as the city with as many Churches as Sundays in each year, and as many pubs as there are days. That’s quite a title to hold. And yet, despite this, Norwich still conjures up images of a boring, sleepy city, where the inhabitants are cooped up and never leave.



Don't worry if you have no experience in the TEFL area before, everyone is welcome to apply and professional tutors will guide you through a course. You do not need a university degree or any formal qualifications, just a standard level of education and the ability to speak English. Also these courses are open to everyone, not just people living in Norwich. If you are still thinking about a destination you might like to view our TEFL courses in the UK.

Once you have successfully completed a TEFL course in Norwich you will get an accredited TEFL Certificate. This TEFL qualification is internationally recognised and is your passport to teach English as a foreign language anywhere in the world. View more information about TEFL courses in Norwich and book a course today.


Start Dates

Every month of the year.


Duration of Courses

Usually Saturday and Sunday, 9am - 6pm.


What to Expect 

When you arrive at your course location you will be welcomed by staff and given a welcome course pack. This consists of a workbook with useful information and materials which will help you learn over the duration of a course. TEFL courses are intensive and very ‘hands on’ - you will learn a lot from experienced teachers. The weekend is very informative, a lot of fun and the chance to meet other people seeking to teach English overseas.


What Topics You Will Learn

  • What makes a good teacher
  • How to keep students motivated
  • How to manage a classroom 
  • Teaching skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
  • TEFL role and methods
  • Motivation, learning styles and strategies
  • Language elements
  • Correction, assessment, marking and grammar 
  • Teaching skills
  • Lesson planning
  • Classroom management
  • Testing and assessment
  • Practical activities



All TEFL courses differ in price depending on the company, course and duration. Generally a 120 hour intensive course will cost around £350. Discounts are sometimes available at selected times of the year or if you book a course with a friend.

What's Included:

  • Course placement
  • All learning material 
  • Lessons from professionally trained teachers
  • TEFL certification on completion


Location of TEFL Courses in Norwich

Courses are usually help in the city centre, a lot of TEFL providers hire hotel conference rooms to train new teachers. 


What is it Like to Study in Norwich

Norwich offers great study opportunities, dining and has all the entertainment offerings of a big city, but with stunning rural areas only a stone’s throw away. Most courses are held on weekends and you can join a course every month. Norwich holds a quaint charm about it; it is city with an impressive legacy, heavily influenced by the arts. For those who are interested in the past there are a number of landmarks that are traditionally beautiful.

There are the two Cathedrals – one Anglican, one Catholic – both with beautiful architecture and religious history. Services are held in these magnificent buildings for those who wish to experience the Cathedrals in their element; for the non believers there are gardens and tours available. As well as the Cathedrals Norwich also boasts a castle, placed on top of a hill overlooking the city. Although its outside is impressive, the museum and art gallery located inside are even more so. These exhibitions cover a wide range of history, going back to the Anglo-Saxons; perfect for those wishing to learn a little more about the city.

However, for those visitors less inclined to revelling in the past, Norwich is more than just a collection of antiques. There are the Norwich Lanes, an eclectic selection of cafes, bars and shops. The cobbled pavements add to the rustic aura you find yourself in whilst wandering around. The vintage shops (such as Prim and Goldfinches) are perfect if looking for a unique gift for someone or if you need a style overhaul. Frank’s Bar is a firm favourite with the locals as is The Bicycle Shop – both hosting not only delicious food but a number of events including 80s film showings and music nights.

Moving through the Lanes you will, at some point, come across Norwich market. This cannot be easily overlooked; taking over the entirety of Gentlemans Walk, this market is covered in multicoloured tops and is the largest weekly open market in the country. The list is endless of what this market has to offer; from grocery shopping to bookstalls, from hog roasts to oysters, from army suppliers to watch makers. No, Norwich is not the boring city it is made out to be. It is full of life and vigour and immerses itself totally in the art scene. However, I concede that one stereotype may be kept about this beautiful city; the people who live here find it very difficult to tear themselves away.


Where to Stay

If you are arriving from other destinations there is a great range of accommodation in Norwich and the surrounding area for all budgets. You can, for example, enjoy luxury self catering cottages in Norfolk for very reasonable rates. One such example is the Garden Cottage in Wellingham, which is located within the grounds of a beautiful farm. A short walk through fields abounding in roses will lead you to a 13th Century church, which appears to have been unaffected by the passage of time. The cottage itself has original features, four poster beds and rooms that open onto stunning countryside views. There are so many other examples, but if you go with certain respected companies you will find great amenities such as swimming pools and fishing lakes that are included as part of the package. Look out for cottages in places such as Cromer, Blackeney and Brancaster. These are just a few of the special locations in which to stay in this beautiful and sleepy county when studying here.


Recommended TEFL Courses in Norwich

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Norwich TEFL Course Reviews

If you have ever taken a TEFL course in Norwich and would like to review your experience, a course or company please get in touch.

Our featured travel writer Naomi Richardson has provided more information on this destination and why you might want to study for a TEFL certification here. She says. "I recently found myself playing tour guide to a couple of friends who’d decided to take a TEFL course in Norwich. By the end of their trip, they were surprisingly impressed with the city."


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