Barcelona TEFL Jobs

A Guide to Teaching English in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in the world to teach English, expect a lively atmosphere, beaches, lots of bars, cafes, restaurants, football, activities, culture, old and new architecture and also a warm climate. If teaching English in Barcelona appeals to you our guide to securing TEFL employment will help you arrange this experience.

Just imagine. Picture yourself in a t-shirt and shorts sipping a refreshing drink as you are overlooking the Spanish Mediterranean. Or perhaps you prefer climbing one of the imposing towers of the Sagrada Familia surrounded by Gaudí magic? What about partying the night away in an open-air night club after you've had a fantastic meal in one of the many exciting restaurants that the city has to offer?

This beautiful city provides one of the best settings for your teaching English adventure. Hundreds of people teach English in Barcelona every year and you can too, explore our guide today.


How Easy is it to get a Teaching Job in Barcelona

Barcelona has a very international blend of people living here and although English is widely spoken there are still opportunities to work as an English teacher. You will find locals have a basic grasp of the language but some ar every keen to improve or learn more for business and personal reasons. There is a high demand for English all year round and there isn't a peak time to get a job due to local people constantly looking to improve their English to improve a career or to also make the experience of moving abroad easier. Barcelona really is one of the best places to work as an English teacher in Europe.


Top Tips for Gaining Employment

You might want to consider taking a TEFL course in Spain as language schools in the country will be able to help you on the employment ladder. Most TEFL job recruiters in Barcelona and also Spain accept all forms of certifications but having a Trinity Certificate in TESOL or Cambridge CELTA will give you can advantage.



Local people in Barcelona speak Catalan and Spanish. You will find most street signs and other information printed in Catalan because this is the official language of the region. If you would like to get ahead of your other teaching rivals you might want to learn a some basic Catalan words and phrases in Catalan as this will improve your communication with locals and also make the whole experience of living here easier and more enjoyable. View our guide to learning Spanish in Barcelona if you would like to book a language course here.


Where to Seek TEFL Employment

There are English language schools and TEFL academies located throughout the city which employ native speakers, you could also give private lessons in your spare time to supplement your income. If you are a non-native English speaker it is possible to gain a teaching contract but this can be more tricky. If you are really struggling to gain a placement then you might want to venture outside of the city and head to places like Granollers, Manresa, Mataró or Sabadell where there is less competition for positions.


Tips for Finding TEFL Employment in Barcelona

You will find that most employers recruit staff locally rather than online so your best chances of getting a teaching job is to go to Barcelona. and prepare for networking, applying and interviews. We highly recommend getting a list of English language schools in Barcelona and dropping your CV in person. To stand a good chance of gaining employment then you will need to put together a strong application and also make a good impression - this is almost as important as the qualifications you have. Having an accredited TEFL course also helps.


Best Time to Gain Teaching Employment

The school term in Barcelona starts in October but it is possible to find jobs during other times of the year too. When giving private lessons then you can find positions throughout the year.


How to Apply

If you are tempted to apply to teach English in Barcelona then you will need to complete a lot of paperwork but starting out in this city if fairly easy.


Expected Salary for Teaching in Barcelona

You can expect to make around but it really depends on the employer and also if you also give private lessons. You will be paid in Euros.


Cost of Living

Barcelona is a very expensive city to work as an English teacher compared to other places in the country. 


NIE Card

When teaching in Barcelona you will need to obtain an NIE - this is an official id you will need to rent a flat and other things like opening a bank account If you would like to apply for an NIE to teach in Spain then you will need to have a teaching contract on offer and then have a letter or proof of this.  In recent years the local authorities have become more strict with this as they want to make sure everyone who teaches in Barcelona can also pay taxes.


Things to Do in Your Spare Time

Barcelona is an incredible city to live and teach English, you will never be bored and there is always something new to do in your spare time. One of the best things about working as an English teacher in Barcelona is there are lots of relaxing things you can do to escape city life.

You might want to take a road trip to the North of the country, go skiing in Andora, go hiking in Montjuic or catch the train and see a different part of the country. You can spend literally months visiting all of Barcelona’s bars and nightspots, or if cultural activities appeal to you then we recommend exploring the Gothic quarter, architecture by famous artists like Gaudí and cathedrals. 


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