Learn Catalan

Learn Catalan

Got an interest in studying Catalan? Keen to learn the basics? On our guide to learning Catalan you will find helpful tips and also some basic words and phrases which will be useful if you are going to travel to Barcelona, Catalonia, Andorra or other places where Catalan is spoken.




How Many People Speak Catalan Worldwide

There are an estimated 10 million speakers of Catalan.



Where is Catalan Spoken

Catalan is a language spoken in Spain, Andorra and also some areas in France and Italy. You will find most people speak Catalan in Catalonia (where Barcelona is located) and also other some other areas of Spain including Valencia and the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Formentera, Majorca and Minorca). 

If you are planning to travel to Spain you might want to learn Spanish. There are lots of Spanish language schools in Spain offering courses all year round. You might also like to find Italian language schools in Italy or French language schools in France.



Useful Words & Phrases for Travelling to Catalan Speaking Destinations

Impress locals with your knowledge, speak with native speakers and make your experience easier and more enjoyable.

Basics & Greetings

  • Hello - Hola
  • Goodbye - Adéu
  • Good morning - Bon dia
  • Good afternoon - Bona tarda
  • Good evening - Bona nit
  • Please - Si us plau
  • Thank you - Gràcies
  • Yes - Sí
  • No - No


  • My name is... (Matthew) - Em dic... (Matthew)
  • What is your name? - Com et dius?
  • How are you? - Com estàs?
  • Fine, and you? - Bé, i tu?
  • How much is it? - Quin preu té?

Tourism & Sightseeing

  • Passport - Passaport
  • Airport - L'aeroport
  • Bank - Banc
  • Beach - Platja
  • Café - Cafeteria
  • Cathedral - Catedral
  • Where is the toilet please? - On és el lavabo si us plau?

Shopping & Buying Things

  • I would like to buy... - Vull comprar...
  • How much is it? - Quin preu té?
  • Expensive - És massa car
  • That's all, thanks - Això és tot, gràcies


  • I need a Doctor - Necessito un metge
  • I need help - Necessito ajuda
  • Help! - Ajuda!
  • Call the - Truqueu a  
  • Police - La policia!
  • Ambulance - Ambulància

Days of the Week

  • Monday - Dilluns
  • Tuesday - Dimarts
  • Wednesday - Dimecres
  • Thursday - Dijous
  • Friday - Divendres
  • Saturday - Dissabte
  • Sunday - Diumenge


  • One - Un
  • Two - Dos
  • Three - Tres
  • Four - Quatre
  • Five - Cinc
  • Six - Sis
  • Seven - Set
  • Eight - Vuit
  • Nine - Nou
  • Ten - Déu
  • Twenty - Vint
  • Thirty - Trenta
  • Forty - Quaranta
  • Fifty - Cinquanta
  • Sixty - Seixanta
  • Seventy - Setanta
  • Eighty - Vuitanta
  • Ninety - Noranta
  • One hundred - Cent
  • One thousand - Mil



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